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Cramer: Believe it or not, they're screaming buys

Cramer: Believe it or not, they're screaming buys

Jim Cramer can see changes happening right now for various stocks. Unfortunately, there is too much disbelief out there these days for anyone to see it.

"It's eerie and it has to do with change that nobody can believe in," the "Mad Money" host said.

For instance every time the "Mad Money" host says that McDonald's could have a big turnaround happening, people laugh in his face. After all, with society being more health conscious these days, who the heck has been to McDonald's for years?

But after a few minutes of digging deeper, they do admit to Cramer that they always loved the taste of the french fries, the Big Mac is delicious and they have great coffee. It is their guilty pleasure, and America is a guilty-pleasure country.

"I think that CEO Steve Easterbrook knows that and knows that if he can somehow get back to the basics of the value meal that tastes good with some chicken and biscuits thrown in, he can get that engine to hum," Cramer said.

It's eerie and it has to do with change that nobody can believe in
Jim Cramer

Another trend that Cramer sees is the growing popularity of Microsoft devices. Cramer has been laughed at repeatedly for suggesting that its new store on Fifth Avenue could do well. Yet, all of corporate America uses Windows, and Windows 10 is gaining in popularity.

"Right now, Microsoft the company is totally uncool, but Microsoft the products are either cool or retro cool. The problem is that Microsoft doesn't seem to know it, no matter how many times I try to beat their heads in with the idea," Cramer said.

Or how about a trend that the rich Wall Street money managers know nothing about, like Priceline? The rich portfolio managers all fly first class, so a company like Priceline isn't on their radar. But for regular people who want to save money, it is.

That means investors are starting to flock to Priceline, which is why it is on the 52-week high list again. The new travel mode also includes stocks like Expedia and Trip Advisor, too.

Other negative trends include biotech, which can be divided into expensive and cheap stocks. Expensive ones have no earnings and no drugs approved by the FDA or little niche positions that will never amount to anything.

However, stocks like Celgene, Biogen and Gilead are all actually pretty cheap. They have absurdly cheap price-to-earnings multiples, which make no sense to Cramer. And while there has been some political scrutiny lately, that doesn't mean Cramer thinks investors should stay away from high quality biotechs.

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The last trend Cramer saw were the defense stocks, which he has been recommending endlessly. Every day he reads in the newspaper about Russia passing the U.S. in the arms race, or China building up its navy. He sees civil wars breaking out all over the world, and people need missiles and fighter planes.

Yet, no one wants to champion the defense stocks. But Cramer will, with his eye on Lockheed Martin.

It all comes down to a perception problem for Cramer. Investors have negative perceptions on defense stocks, McDonald's, biotech and Microsoft.

"Negativity can create terrific bargains every day. These stocks are just a short sample of what is out there. If you share the Wall Street groupthink, you'll miss them. If you think outside yourself, though, you'll be astonished by what you find," Cramer said.

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