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Cramer Remix: The issue with Apple's suppliers

Cramer: The issue with AAPL’s suppliers

Investors were squirming Monday night in anticipation for Apple earnings. To Jim Cramer, investors these days live and die by the Apple sword.

Cramer traced the anxiety to a small German company called Dialog Semiconductor that released flat projections. These numbers took away the breath of many investors considering that more than 70 percent of the company's business is purportedly linked to Apple.

Thus, the market has made the assumption that Apple has too much inventory and doesn't need to make any more iPhones.

"That's why so many are panicking on Apple. Of course it is not just Apple alone. All of the Apple related semiconductor suppliers cascaded down today as if each could be in the same bad shape as Dialog," the "Mad Money" host explained. (Tweet this)

For those who do not own Apple currently, Cramer recommended to wait and see if Dialog is right. It could be an opportunity to pick up the stock at a good discount.

"But as for Apple's suppliers? I think there is no need own them. The action today is just too vicious to fathom. Who needs that level of pain?" Cramer said. (Tweet this)

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Cramer can see changes happening right now for various stocks. Unfortunately, there is too much disbelief out there these days for anyone to see it.

"It's eerie and it has to do with change that nobody can believe in," the "Mad Money" host said.

For instance every time the "Mad Money" host says that McDonald's could have a big turnaround happening, people laugh in his face. After all, with society being more health conscious these days, who the heck has been to McDonald's for years?

But after a few minutes of digging deeper, they do admit to Cramer that they always loved the taste of the french fries, the Big Mac is delicious and they have great coffee. It is their guilty pleasure, and America is a guilty-pleasure country.

"I think that CEO Steve Easterbrook knows that and knows that if he can somehow get back to the basics of the value meal that tastes good with some chicken and biscuits thrown in, he can get that engine to hum," Cramer said.

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The comeback for old tech isn't limited to just Microsoft. Cramer has seen various other older technology stocks fly into the stratosphere as investors realize the companies have embraced faster growing businesses.

Adobe Systems is up 36 percent in the past year and has rallied 19 percent in the past two months. Historically, it has been a maker of digital media and print media software. Lately it has moved to offer software as a service over the cloud, which helped to propel the stock.

"With Adobe hitting a brand new all-time high today, I think it's worth taking the time to figure out why this stock keeps charging higher, confounding the skeptics, while also giving you the occasional fabulous entry point courtesy of various short-lived but gigantic pullbacks," Cramer said.

Cramer thinks investors will have the opportunity to buy into weakness next time this stock sells off. Adobe has a history of being able to bounce back brilliantly because of its rapid cloud adoption, and Cramer thinks that will continue.

I can't blame any of the buyers who are crowding into this one, because the company has a lot going for it
Jim Cramer
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A jewelry company that most people have never heard of is somehow crushing its competition. What the heck? Jim Cramer was intrigued enough to find out what prompted a little-known stock like Signet Jewelers to have such an impressive run.

Signet is behind jewelry store chains such as Kay Jewelers, Zales and Jared, among others. And while most people can recognize its advertisements, they don't know the company involved.

Yet, it has been quietly working its way higher, with a monster 25 percent move since its late-August lows, powered by the fact that it reported a great quarter that month. It is the largest specialty jewelry chain in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

"Since Signet reported at the end of August, the stock has been absolutely screaming, and I can't blame any of the buyers who are crowding into this one, because the company has a lot going for it," Cramer said.

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The entire health care sector has been crushed lately, even the companies that have little or nothing to do with drug-price controversy associated with the group.

One of those stocks is Ventas, a health care real estate investment trust that owns more than 1,200 properties across the U.S., the U.K. and Canada. Assets include senior housing, medical office buildings, hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, though the company recently spun off most of the skilled nursing properties.

So, while Ventas is an owner of real estate and is not a health-care provider, the stock has been slammed along with everything health care related.

Could this stock be at levels that are too attractive to ignore? To learn more, Cramer spoke with Ventas Chairwoman and CEO Debra Cafaro.

The CEO commented on the abundance of deals in the industry: "Our pipeline is incredible. We probably have looked at $40 billion in deals this year. And our biggest issue is to remain disciplined, be a good capital allocator, try to buy early-cycle investments in all of our different segments. So, we can find deals, no question about that."

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller-favorite stocks:

Home Depot: "I would buy half my position now and then wait to see if it comes in. I think they are having a terrific quarter."

SunEdison: "No. Remember we did a piece saying listen that one is not going to work. We thought it would work initially. It came down, forget about it."

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