Oracle CEO: We are the most complete cloud company

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Oracle's growth and ability to compete with other actors in the cloud computing space is growing, CEO Mark Hurd told CNBC on Monday, adding that the company "is winning" the space when compared to its competition.

Hurd described a list of Oracle's accomplishments, including what he said was a "doubling of the pipeline" and a surge in client bookings. "I think we are winning," he told CNBC's "Squawk Alley." "We believe we are the most complete cloud company in the industry."

Hurd was speaking from the Oracle Open World Conference in San Francisco this week. The company will reveal about 150 new products, he said.

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On Monday, Oracle pulled the curtain back on a host of new cloud-based services, including new databases with an emphasis on cyber security.

Oracle has been investing in its cloud services by focusing on both platform and service infrastructure, Hurd explained. "The technical infrastructure that actually drives our cloud is extreme and it benefits us in the long run in margins."

"This [conference] is really the culmination of multiple years of strategy. We now have virtually all of our software that was on premise now rewritten and redone and available in the cloud."

Countering rumors, Hurd said that Oracle was not going to acquire Hewlett-Packard's enterprise business.