Court Orders New Schedule in IntelliChief(TM), Quadrant Software(TM) Litigation

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 27, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Massachusetts Superior Court enters order for new schedule in 2+ year dispute between IntelliChief and Quadrant Software over breaches claimed by both parties of an exclusive reseller agreement, with trial expected to take place in mid-2016.

The Massachusetts Superior Court has entered an order for a new schedule in the long-standing dispute between Quadrant Software and IntelliChief that was initiated in a lawsuit first filed on July 31, 2013. The trial, expected to last several weeks, was originally expected to take place in late 2015 and is now expected to commence in 2016, at a specific date to be designated by the court.

The parties' dispute, which has entangled both of the companies and their respective CEOs, Gary Langton for IntelliChief and Steve Woodard for Quadrant Software, stems from a dispute surrounding the terms and conditions of an exclusive reseller agreement between the parties executed in 2010 in which IntelliChief garnered the rights to market, sell and support Quadrant Software products to a specific set of customers. Quadrant Software initiated the lawsuit and IntelliChief has made counterclaims in the matter.

Entrepreneurs and co-founders of IntelliChief, Gary Langton and Peter DePierro, were formerly the co-founders of Quadrant Software, Inc., the predecessor company of Quadrant Software, LLC with whom IntelliChief is now embroiled in litigation. The two partners sold Quadrant Software, Inc. in 2010 to a private equity group led by Candescent Partners, LLC and other investors including Harbert Mezzanine Partners II, L.P., Eagle Fund II, L.P., Massachusetts Capital Resource Company, Brooke Private Equity Advisors Fund II (D), L.P., Brooke Private Equity Advisors Fund II, L.P., and trusts associated with Candescent Partners principals, Stephen M. Jenks and Alexander (Sandy) S. McGrath. Representatives from these initial investors on the Board of Managers of Quadrant's holding company, either as managers or observers, include Stephen Jenks from Candescent Partners, John Harrison from Harbert Mezzanine Partners II, L.P.; Benjamin Geis and Scott Fesler from Eagle Fund II Partners, L.P.; Joan McArdle from Massachusetts Capital Resource Company; John Brooke and Marcin Szajda from Brooke Private Equity Advisors Fund II (D) L.P. and ; and John Brooke and Marcin Szajda from Brooke Private Equity Advisors Fund II, L.P.

IntelliChief co-CEO Langton states, 'this is an unfortunate dispute which has been a distraction for both companies and our customers, but we have full belief in the civil justice system in this country to render a fair judgment based on the facts in the case resulting in full vindication and award of damages to IntelliChief.' IntelliChief is represented by Foley & Lardner LLP and Quadrant Software is represented by Cooley LLP, while Mr. Langton is represented by Larson Johnson P.L. in Tampa and Mr. Woodard is represented by Todd & Weld LLP.

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