Defense Industry Applauds Two-Year Budget Deal

ARLINGTON , Va., Oct. 27, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) welcomes the announcement on the budget agreement, and we commend the President and our congressional leadership, who clearly placed our country's interests ahead of politics. We strongly support the bi-partisan proposal and encourage Congress to pass it as soon as possible. This measure will go a long way in ensuring that we fulfill our commitments to our troops and their families. This provides a real opportunity for the Department of Defense to move forward with much needed investments in modernization, readiness, and technology.

"The two-year budget agreement provides substantial relief from the sequester caps with large increases for national security and domestic preparedness. This compromise removes the uncertainly of on-going continuing resolutions and possible government shutdowns, allowing the United States to honor our debts, reform entitlements, set realistic overseas contingency funding levels, and provide predictability for the Defense Department and defense industry to invest in programs and technologies to meet the national security needs of our country," said NDIA Chairman, Major General Arnold Punaro, USMC (Ret). "It send a strong message to our allies and our adversaries. We also need to recognize Secretary Ash Carter and the leaders of the defense committees who were unrelenting in their efforts to lift the sequester caps."

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