II-VI Incorporated Introduces a Dual-Mode Flexible-Bandwidth Optical Channel Monitor

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 27, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- II-VI Incorporated (NASDAQ:IIVI), a leading provider of solutions for next generation optical networks, today announced the commercial availability of the OCM 2580, a new optical channel monitor platform with advanced features designed for next-generation flexible-bandwidth optical network systems.

Optical networks are increasing their transmission rates and spectral efficiencies due to new transceiver technologies that offer greater configuration flexibility. Transceivers can be configured in the field with optimum transmission rates and modulation formats to match the characteristics of any given transmission link. This capability increases the diversity of optical spectra to be analyzed by optical channel monitors and requires them to perform finer and more accurate channel power and frequency measurements.

"Our customers have been eagerly anticipating our new OCM 2580," said Dr. Sanjai Parthasarathi, Vice President for Product Marketing and Strategy, Optical Communications Group. "II-VI continues to lead the industry in driving instrumentation-level measurement capabilities for real-time embedded performance monitoring. The OCM 2580 complements our recently-announced Optical Time Domain Reflectometry solutions platform."

The OCM 2580 can be configured via software commands to operate in scanning or dwelling mode. In scanning mode, the OCM 2580 performs the fine granularity flexible-bandwidth channel monitoring function using an integrated and proprietary very high precision frequency reference. The rich set of spectral data resulting from one measurement is transferred over a high-speed serial peripheral interface (SPI) to virtually eliminate measurement latency. In dwelling mode, the OCM 2580 provides access to a high bandwidth photocurrent signal to enable advanced signal analysis on a selected channel. The OCM 2580 is RoHS6 compliant and Telcordia qualified.

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