Experiences Traffic Surge Following Peeple App Announcement

Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 27, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, the original people review and reputation management site, reports a recent spike in traffic following the announcement of Peeple, a yet-to-launch app that was poised to be the new "Yelp for people." The increase in engagement points to a burgeoning public acceptance of people review sites, despite the media's criticisms.

After announcing their soon-to-launch "Yelp for People" app, Peeple had much of the media outraged. Within days, Peeple's founder revealed it would amend its two-sided people review model to focus solely on positive reviews. Immediately following this announcement, Jeff Tinsley, whom six months ago launched, a comprehensive reputation management site with a nearly identical people review feature as the one originally proposed by Peeple, noted a significant increase in traffic to his company's site.

"In near perfect synchronicity, Peeple caved under criticism and saw a surge in activity. A coincidence? I doubt it," said Tinsley. "I'm pretty certain what we are proving here is that people are, in fact, intrigued by the ability to leave/receive positive and negative reviews, despite the media's negative hyperbole."

In addition to providing a platform for individuals to post personal, professional, and romantic reviews for any person aged 18 and over, also allows individuals to view, monitor, and control all personal information being exposed about them on the Internet.

"While I completely understand the public's initial apprehension to embrace the people review concept, it is actually pretty harmless and, at least with, has certainly not led to the mass bullying most people are fearing," said Tinsley. "In fact, many people seem to be benefitting from it, both personally and professionally. If you ask me, people reviewing is just a natural extension of how we already communicate and 'evaluate' one another on social media. Perhaps if Peeple's founders hadn't buckled under the criticism, they would have seen that their idea was really not all that controversial after all."

Most recently, reported nearly 6 million unique visitors to its reputation management and people review site.

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