U.S. Shoppers Reduce Food Waste with BerryBreeze

Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 27, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In continuing its mission to reduce food waste in America, BerryBreeze, the battery-operated, chemical-free approach to killing molds, yeasts, and fungi known to spoil refrigerated fresh foods, is now available for purchase in Target stores nationwide.


"We are incredibly excited to introduce BerryBreeze to Target guests," says Kevin Brooks, CEO of BerryBreeze. "Statistics tell us Americans waste as much as 33 million tons of food each year. It is our sincere hope that by bringing our product to Target stores, we can work to significantly reduce that number."

 BerryBreeze has proven to keep refrigerated produce fresher for up to ten days longer. Through time-releasing activated oxygen, the patented device is able to safely neutralize bacteria and mold, as well as eliminate pollutants that contribute to food spoilage.

 "BerryBreeze is not only good for the environment and for individuals' health, but it's also great for the pocketbook," says Brooks. "Now, instead of tossing prematurely rotten food (which translates to tossing out money, too), we can help consumers prolong, and even improve, the nutritional value of their produce with BerryBreeze."

 By preserving the shelf life of refrigerated fresh produce, BerryBreeze champions less back-and-forth trips to the market, requires less packaging by processed foods, and provides a more salubrious lifestyle for families across the country.

 Statistics suggest if Americans could cut food waste by just 15 percent, they would gain the capacity to feed as many as 25 million more people each year.  Target's inclusion of BerryBreeze in its stores provides a powerful platform for individuals looking to join the fight to end nationwide hunger. Additionally, BerryBreeze is a great solution for those simply seeking to preserve the lifespan of their fruits and veggies.

 For more information on BerryBreeze, or to purchase, please visit: www.berrybreeze.com. For a full list of store locations offering BerryBreeze, please visit: www.berrybreeze.com/locations.

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