Ryan, Boehner on budget deal: This process 'stinks'

Paul Ryan: The budget process 'stinks'
Paul Ryan: The budget process 'stinks'

Republican Representative Paul Ryan and U.S. House Speaker John Boehner on Tuesday agreed the process leading to the U.S. budget agreement reached by the White House and congressional leaders "stinks."

"I'm reserving judgment on this agreement because I quite frankly haven't seen it," said Ryan, who expected to be elected on Thursday as the new speaker of the House of Representatives to succeed the retiring Boehner.

"If you want to ask me what I think about this process, I think this process stinks," Ryan told NBC News. "Under new management we are not going to run the House this way."

John Boehner
House Speaker Boehner says Congress has a budget agreement

He added: "We should have been discussing this months ago as members so that we have a more coherent strategy. So in the future, we need a better process than the one that's working if we want to do the people's business that way."

Speaker Boehner said he agreed with Ryan's assessment that the process under which a two-year budget deal was negotiated "stinks" but the alternative was a "clean" increase in the debt ceiling or a default on federal obligations.

Boehner told reporters after presenting the deal to House Republicans that there was no reason that any of them should vote against the deal, as it sets spending levels for two years and contains the first reforms to Social Security in 32 years.

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