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Office Envy: Inside Stubhub's San Francisco headquarters

StubHub's San Fran office

Upon entering Stubhub's San Francisco office, visitors are greeted by a 2004 World Series Giants ring in a highly secure display case.

It's just the tip of the iceberg inside the sports and music-themed office for its approximate 400 employees based at headquarters. "One of the coolest things about working here is that we're all fans of something," Anne Robie, head of human resources at Stubhub, told CNBC.

"Our job is here is to bring that fandom to our customers," she said. "In fact we don't even call them customers, we call them fans as well."

Stubhub’s San Francisco headquarters
Source: Stubhub

The eBay-owned company moved into their downtown San Francisco office in 2007 and boasts 89,000 square feet of work space, arena-named meeting rooms and lounge areas including foosball and ping pong.

"We've purposely left certain area really open so it gives our employees an opportunity to come and connect with each other," Robie said referring to Stubhub's game room.

On many of the walls, they're painted quotes from actual fans to remind the staff of their purpose. Robie's favorite, comes from a fan named Dustin, who wrote, "If Stubhub were a person, it would be my best man!"

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