Republican Presidential Debate

Ahead of the GOP debate: The candidates' own words


CNBC reached out to all of the GOP candidates for a statement ahead of the Republican debate, which airs Wednesday night. The following candidates provided a brief video to outline their positions. The common themes: limited government and a broken tax system.

(The candidates featured below provided their videos by the submission deadline.)

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

Christie: First thing, I will reform the tax code

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina

Graham: Middle class being left behind

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee

Huckabee: We must stop penalizing people for working

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal

Jindal: I'm asking you to believe in America again

Former New York Gov. George Pataki

Pataki: I will throw out a corrupt tax code & embrace science

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky

Paul: We need term limits to defeat Washington machine

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida

Rubio: We need modernized economic policies to be competitive again

Watch CNBC's "Your Money, Your Vote: The Republican Presidential Debate" tonight. The debate will feature two sets of candidates discussing critical issues facing America today, including job growth, taxes and the health of our economy. Coverage begins at 5 pm E.T.