CCTV Script 20/10/15

– This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on October 20, Tuesday.

Welcome to CNBC Busines Daily, I'm Qian Chen.

Xi Jinping's visit to the U.K. will be a busy one.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall will greet the President and his wife, Peng Liyuan, at their hotel on behalf of Queen Elizabeth.

They'll take the Chinese couple to Horse Guards Parade...where they'll be given a Ceremonial Welcome by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

The President and the Duke will inspect the Guard of Honour.

Then he and his wife will join the Queen and the Duke for a state carriage procession along The Mall to Buckingham Palace.

They'll have a private lunch at the Palace.

In the afternoon, President Xi will visit the Palace of Westminster and deliver an Address in the Royal Gallery to lawmakers and other guests.

That night...the Queen will hold a State Banquet for him at Buckingham Palace...and they'll both make speeches.

On Wednesday...President Xi will visit Imperial College in London and attend a cultural event.

Then he's heading to 10 Downing Street to meet with Prime Minister David Cameron.

Their talks will cover a range of issues, including trade and the plan to give China a stake in the Hinkley Point project, Britain's first nuclear plant in three decades

In the afternoon...the leaders will hold a UK-China Business Summit at Mansion House...focusing on investment, infrastructure and innovation.

After that...President Xi will visit Huawei Technologies.

And that evening...he and his wife will attend a Banquet at Guildhall given by the Lord Mayor and City of London Corporation.

President Xi will make a speech at the end of the banquet.

On Thursday, President Xi and Madame Peng will formally bid farewell to the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace.

He's set to visit Inmarsat, a leading provider of global satellite communication services....

And then join a Confucius Institute conference.

In the evening, the President and his wife will dine with Prime Minister Cameron and his wife, Samantha, at Chequers Court.

The Chinese leader flies to Manchester that night.

On Friday...President Xi will visit the National Graphene Institute at the University of Manchester...accompanied by Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne.

Then later...he'll be joined by Prime Minister Cameron on a visit to the Machester City Football Club

The Cinese leader will have lunch at Manchester Town Hall....

Then take part in an afternoon event at Manchester Airport before heading home.

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[former UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling] "114924 Obviously, for a country like the UK, we need to trade to survive, and building a relationship with China has been the policy of successive UK governments, the one I servived in, as well as the present government. We have other imporant trading partners, as you say, US is still very important to us. So indeed is Europe to which we sell half of what we produce. But the fact the chinese president is in the UK at the moment is very very important to us, we want to see a two way traffic between ourselves and China, it's very important. 114959"

The importance of China to the UK economy as a trading partner has increased consistently since 2004, with both imports and exports increasing.

Following a growth of imports from £11.4 billion to £37.6 billion in 2014, China has become the UK's second largest import partner behind America, accounting for 7.0% of UK imports in 2014 compared with 3.3% in 2004.

Compared with the rise in imports, exports to China have risen at a more subdued rate over the same period, from £4.0 billion to £16.7 billion in

2014 and now accounting for 3.2% of goods UK exports.

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[IVAN TSELICHTCHEV (say-lee-shev)] "084731 Britain has come out with a new model of bilateral relationship between the developed nation and CHINA, business-centered, economy-centered model. And as foreign investment from China is on an increase, financial might of Chinese companies is going up. Britian is keen to capitalize on it to invigorate its domestic economy especially the infrastructure sectors this comes first. 084800 "

According to FT, China is set to issue government debt in renminbi in London, picking the city as the first overseas financial centre in which to open a sovereign debt market as it ramps up efforts to popularise its currency, officials familiar with the issue said.

CNBC's Qian Chen, reporting from Singapore.



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[Jean-Luc Chrétien, CEO of Fastbooking] "074709 It's going to help hotels to continue to expand development through the platform, but on the other hand, fast booking remains a very independent company still committed to also support, help and bring digital solutions to independent hoteliers because (xxx) hotels also believe that in the context of digital distribution it's really important that we figure out and we help independent hotels also to resist and be strong ... on the web market, online market. 074741 "



"074814 Because for two reasons, first reason, tourism, travel is still very strong in Asia. One of the main factor, I think for the world-wide travel business is, despite I think domestic economy slowdown in China, China for instance has been an important growth engine for all markets both in Asia and Europe so travel is always developing, continuously developing in this part of the world but the other factor is that online travel is growing very much everywhere but particularly in Asia, especially for mobile use by Asian travellers. Therefore, hoteliers are more and more looking for companies to help them develop their digital solutions and be present and increase their footprint in online travel. 074905 "



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[Fritz Demopoulos, CEO of Queen's Road Capital ] "113522 I certainly think that China continues to provide fatanstic opportunities. Yes it's true the risk profile in the country, sometiems we have to think about that carefully as any investor, we do, but right now China has a long runway yes the economy is restructuring a little bit as it always has been over the last 15 years and we think that there'll be a lot of growth especially if the economy continues to move from an investment-driven economy to a consumer-led economy, we'll think that alot of consumer opportunities are going to be fantastic (incoherent...) as well as investors. 113559"

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