Republican Presidential Debate

Christie: This is a political Justice Department

Christie: I'll make justice more than just a word
Christie: I'll make justice more than just a word

Jim Cramer participated in the CNBC debate Wednesday night to speak to Republican presidential hopefuls; in particular he spoke with Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey.

Cramer pointed out that there was a lot of rhetoric that individuals involved in the financial crisis in 2008 should have gone to jail.

General Motors paid a fine of nearly $1 billion in a settlement over its ignition switch defect. Faulty ignition switches were linked to 124 deaths, and no one went to jail.

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Chris Christie at the CNBC GOP Debate in Boulder, Colorado.
David A. Grogan | CNBC

Christie responded that the individuals involved in the faulty switch should be behind bars, stating: "If I were the prosecutor, that is exactly where they would be. The fact is that this Justice Department has been a political Justice Department. A Justice Department that decides they want to pick who the winners and losers are."

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Christie added that GM received a pass from the Justice Department, because it liked General Motors. Yet it asked former CIA Director David Petraeus to resign.