Access Scientific's POWERWAND Midline IV Catheter Sets New Industry Standard for Power Injectabilty

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Access Scientific, LLC today announced validation of the POWERWAND® midline IV catheter for power-injectable capability up to 8ml/sec, 325 psi for up to 10 cycles. The addition of this performance capability sets a new industry standard for midline catheters. It also makes both 4Fr and 5Fr POWERWANDs ideal for virtually all CT contrast studies, to meet the most demanding injection protocols.

The POWERWAND, already the evidence-based, best-in-class catheter of its kind, now combines unparalleled power injectability with the lowest total complication rate, industry-best flow rates and highest rate for completion of therapy of any vascular access device ever studied. Moreover, in peer-reviewed published studies and scientific posters, only The POWERWAND has consistently exhibited kink-resistance and blood drawability making one-stick hospitalizations not only possible, but also common.

"The POWERWAND outperforms all its competitors because of the catheter material (ChronoFlex C®) and manufacturing process," said Phil Royston, President of Access Scientific. "This unique catheter material made of a special medical-grade polymer, coupled with our proprietary kink-resistant process, has no equal among other catheters. With over 11,000 catheter-days studied, there have been zero bloodstream infections, superior blood drawability, and consistently minimal complications. No other catheter is made of ChronoFlex C and no other catheter performs as well."

About Access Scientific

Access Scientific is a full spectrum vascular access device company dedicated to safety, rigorous design innovation, exacting science, and the prevention of catheter-associated infections and other device-related complications. The WAND was developed by the same Venetec International team that invented StatLock® catheter stabilization devices and made them the worldwide standard. For further information, go to, email Customer Service at, or call (866) 608-8333.

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CONTACT: Steve Bierman, MD. Chief Medical Officer, Access Scientific E-mail: sbierman@accessscientific.comSource: Access Scientific