Marco Rubio: I'm 'not worried' about my finances

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said Wednesday he is "not worried" about his finances despite his reported personal troubles with money.

"I didn't inherit any money," Rubio said at the third Republican debate. "I had to save money to go to school; I had to borrow money to go to school."

"I know what it's like to earn that money. We've worked hard to provide a better life for our family," he said. "Our children have been able to receive a good, Christian education and I've been able to save for them to go to college so they never have to have the loans that I had."

Rubio's finances came into question after The New York Times published a lengthy piece detailing his financial struggles and sometimes questionable habits.

In a statement to the Times, which was included in the story, Rubio said, "Like most Americans, I know what it's like for money to be a limited resource and to have to manage it accordingly."

Rubio said at the debate he is more concerned with the finances of "everyday Americans."

"This debate needs to be about the men and women in this country who are struggling on a daily basis to provide for their families a better future," he said.

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