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Meow-mobiles! Uber's delivering ... kittens

Uber now delivering kittens to your office
Uber now delivering kittens to your office

Has the GOP debate got you down? Uber wants to deliver some well-timed reassurance: #UberKITTENS are back.

The on-demand car service may face a slew of complaints about how it treats its drivers, but its latest recruits will likely be pretty determined to get to your home -- permanently. For a second year, Uber wants to deliver kittens to your office Thursday for a 15-minute cuddle-fest dubbed #UberKITTENS.

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In more than 50 U.S. cities, kittens will be delivered on-demand for a $30 "snuggle fee," used to support the shelters providing the meows.

"Demand will be high as many will want to test the kitten's skills (they are excellent paper shredders)," Uber said in a press release, noting that there will be a "kittens" option in its app.

The service warned users to make sure the boss is okay with the cuteness.

Bad cat puns abound.

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"If you're smitten for a kitten or are looking for a new purr-sonal assistant just ask the local shelter representative assisting with your kitten delivery," the release said. "Every kitten has a purrfect pedigree, and is just looking to get their feet wet (not literally) with an entry-level position. Check out some of our top cat-didates' profiles below, and consider hiring one today."

The cat-idates boast skills including a specialization in string theory, assistance with nap studies and promises to go out on a limb for employers.

From Uber's website