GOP Presidential Debate Candidates

Which GOP hopeful are you?

Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump (L) and Jeb Bush argue during the presidential debates on September 16, 2015 in Simi Valley, California.
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You may not yet have decided whom you're going to vote for in the Republican primary, but you'll get a chance to hone your choice in the CNBC-hosted debate Wednesday night. Below is a preview of what you may hear: Choose what you think fits best in each drop-down menu and find out which candidate you most agree with, in word choice anyway.

The Big Crunch analyzed transcripts from the first two GOP debates this year to identify particular speech patterns and word usage of each candidate. Each option in the interactive is weighted by the number of times a candidate said that particular word or phrase.

These are clearly not direct quotes — political candidates don't speak in Mad Lib-like format, much as it sometimes seems that way.

But candidates' word choice is supremely important, especially now in the age of Twitter and sharing of viral moments. For one thing, it's a strict marker in separating Republicans from Democrats. It's also a factor in determining the readability of a candidates' statements, or the grade level to which they're speaking. No politician wants to speak over the heads of their audience, while some go to great lengths to speak simply in an attempt to reach the broadest base.

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