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Chris Christie: The gambler's President

David A. Grogan | CNBC

With millions of Americans playing, and billions of dollars being wagered, daily fantasy sports is a serious topic. With the recent controversy surrounding the industry's two biggest players, DraftKings and FanDuel, it has become a hot issue, hot enough that Carl Quintanilla ask Jeb Bush about it during last night's Republican Presidential debate.

Bush's answer centered more around his own season-long fantasy team and less around how he would treat these sites if he were elected.

And then Gov. Chris Christie stepped in. And even though he mostly waved off the question he used these key words "let people play."

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Christie is one of the most pro-gambling politicians there is. He brought legal, regulated online poker to New Jersey and under his watch PokerStars will re-enter the U.S. market. He even tried, though so far failed, to legalize sports betting in his state.

Professional poker player Brian Hastings, who won $150,000 on Draft Kings earlier this month, tells CNBC "I think Chris Christie has demonstrated that, unlike many other in his party, he values the free market in the gambling industry."

If poker players and fantasy sports enthusiasts like Hastings, were watching the debate hoping to find a candidate to support, perhaps they found their man.