Diabetic Diet Plans Help Diet Doc Patients Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels, Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risk and Sustain Healthy Weight Loss Over Time

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 29, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Thousands of Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every day. Many more are diagnosed as pre-diabetic and are urged by their physicians to modify their lifestyle now to prevent full-blown diabetes. And, while some diabetes risk factors are a direct result of family history, advanced age, or belonging to certain ethnic groups, there is one risk factor that people can control – their weight.

Because of the obvious link between carrying excess fat and diabetes, medical researchers have begun to take a closer look at the dangerous relationship between food, obesity and diabetes and their effect on the body's genes. While it is apparent that poor eating habits can change the way in which genes are expressed which can contribute to a higher incidence of weight-related illnesses, it is now also known that positive eating habits and lifestyle changes can actually reverse these effects. In fact, losing excess weight and practicing healthy eating habits commands the list of simple lifestyle changes that can prevent Type 2 diabetes.

To understand the link between fat and diabetes, one must first understand fat. The human body houses three types of fat cells and fat tissue, each extremely active and each secreting numerous chemicals that interact with the brain, immune system, pancreas and stomach. Subcutaneous fat is stored in large pockets under the skin, while visceral fat nestles itself dangerously around the internal organs. Intramuscular fat is stored in-between and throughout muscle tissue.

Evidence clearly indicates that those who make even minimal lifestyle modifications through diet can significantly change the way in which these fats interact and accumulate in the body. In fact, losing only 7-10% of total body weight can change how genes are expressed and alter which chemicals are produced by fat tissues, in turn, reducing all three kinds of fat while improving insulin levels, blood sugar levels, and A1C levels in patients with Type 2 diabetes. And, the most promising news is that these changes can be sustained over time.

Most Type 2 diabetic patients are prescribed medications to control their blood insulin and blood sugar levels. While weight loss for these patients is almost always recommended by physicians, it should also be medically supervised and monitored. And, because Diet Doc offers a doctor-designed and medically supervised weight loss program, more and more people throughout the country are turning to the company to control blood sugar and improve diabetic conditions by safely, comfortably and quickly losing excess fat.

Because hidden carbohydrates in foods can completely disrupt the weight loss process by keeping the fat burning gates closed and fat storing gates open, and because even small amounts of hidden carbohydrates in everyday foods can change the way in which the body processes and stores fat, successful dieters must know what, why and how to identify hidden carbohydrates in the foods that they consume. Diet Doc patients find it easy to differentiate between good and bad carbohydrates because their diet plans are designed by professional nutritionists to be personal to each patient's age, gender, lifestyle, and nutritional needs while being compatible with almost any medical condition, including Type 2 diabetes. And, because the Diet Doc team maintains a close relationship with each of their patients throughout their weight loss journey, they are able to monitor progress and are quickly alerted if diet plans need modification.

At Diet Doc, patients understand that living with Type 2 diabetes is not a life sentence. This disease does not have to leave them feeling hungry or deprived. The company's nutritional experts teach patients how to balance healthy food choices that leave them feeling full and satisfied, combined with specially formulated diet products that accelerate weight loss while eliminating the typical dieting side effects that tempt many dieters to reach for unhealthy, high carbohydrate foods.

Combining today's advanced science and modern medical understanding with their doctor-designed and medically supervised diabetic diet plans has enabled Diet Doc to become a nationally recognized leader in the medical weight loss industry and has enabled people across the country to lose excess fat and avoid weight-related illnesses, including Type 2 diabetes.

Diet Doc's diabetic diet plans are tailored to be specific to each patient's age, gender, shape and size and, specifically, for those who want to control, or even prevent, diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar levels and losing excess weight. Diet Doc urges people from any part of the country to call today to schedule a private and no-cost consultation.

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