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Android-Chrome combination expected: Report


Alphabet's Google is expected to combine its Chrome operating system with its Android OS, according to a recent report.

The unified operating system is projected to be officially available in 2017, but Google may show off an early version of it next year, according to The Wall Street Journal, citing anonymous sources.

The New HP Chromebook 11 with Google.
Source: Google

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Android is the dominant player among mobile operating systems, with 82.8 percent of the worldwide market as of the second quarter of this year, according to research firm IDC.

And combining Chrome and Android into one system could significantly expand the Android user base, according to the Journal.

The Chrome operating system will not be "killed," however, according to a Google spokesperson. The Chrome and Android teams will be working closely together on a more consistent user experience across Chromebooks, tablets and smartphones, the spokesperson said in a phone interview.

Microsoft's Windows 10 also aims to join desktop software with Windows Mobile software.

Apple has denied rumors that it plans to merge its Mac OS X and iOS for mobile devices.