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Cramer game plan: What big jobs Friday will bring

Cramer game plan: What big jobs Friday will bring
Cramer game plan: What big jobs Friday will bring

Historically, October has been an important month to the downside for the stock market. It was the month that kicked off the Great Depression in 1929 and Black Monday in 1987. But Jim Cramer wants investors to remember that it can be a bullish month, with this month as the best so far in 2015, even if Friday ended on a sour note.

"One thing is for certain, with the Fed on hold, earnings were once again able to drive stock prices. I know that sounds obvious, but until this earnings season came around, the performance of individual stocks were pretty much in thrall to the S&P futures," the "Mad Money" host said.

So with one more week of high profile earnings ahead, Cramer went down the list of stocks and events he will be watching.

Monday: Visa, Estee Lauder, ISM Manufacturing, FitBit
Visa: Cramer considers this company to be a machine. A fantastic earner that never misses and not enough of its good qualities are reflected in its stock. Based on some of the strange buying opportunities that market has created lately, like the moronic selling of Starbucks, Cramer is hoping for a buying opportunity on earnings.

ISM Manufacturing: Cramer will be watching for this number because industrial America has taken a bad hit lately. Is manufacturing going into recession? The numbers will tell him.

Tuesday: Kellogg, CBS, Tesla
CBS: Cramer is willing to bet that CBS CEO Les Moonves ups the competition and announces a huge buyback, and a number raise.

"Don't bet against Moonves, bet with him," Cramer said (Tweet this)

Tesla: Even though everyone seems to love Tesla, Cramer still considers it a cult. He won't bet with or against a cult, even though he thinks the stock is richly valued. Elon Musk is clearly very good at promotion, and Cramer expects the usual Broadway show from him even if the numbers aren't good.

Wednesday: Allergan, Facebook, Whole Foods
Allergan: This stock has recently become a takeover story because of Pfizer's recent interest in buying the company. Cramer still likes the stock either way.

Whole Foods: Cramer speculated that this could be the last bad quarter for Whole Foods. So while the group has fallen out of favor with investors, Cramer advised to wait until after it reports.

"To me, Whole Foods makes so much money that if I were running the show, I'd just take the whole darned thing private," he added

Thursday: Disney, Celgene
Disney: The last time the company reported, the stock was totally hammered. Therefore, Cramer would never bet against CEO Bob Iger two quarters in a row.

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Friday: Non-Farm payroll numbers
Non-Farm payroll: The Fed's strange statement this week was interpreted as meaning if employment weakens then it won't tighten in 2015. But if employment and November is strong, expect a tightening in December.

That means bullish investors should hope for a weak number, and bears should get ready to buy banks and sell high yielding stocks if they think the number is strong.

"Me? I just want to buy good stocks at my prices and hold them," Cramer said. (Tweet this)

So if the market sells off based on the jobs number, which could be a fantastic opportunity to do some buying. Thus far earnings have been rewarded with higher stock prices, regardless of the industry. Cramer thinks that could be the case again next week, with plenty of companies to choose from.

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