CareSource Readies for Nov. 1 kynect Open Enrollment

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Oct. 30, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CareSource, a nonprofit health plan, is preparing for the November 1 start to open enrollment on kynect, Kentucky's Health Insurance Marketplace, with low premiums, an expanded footprint and an increased provider network.

A mission-based company with a 26-year history, CareSource continues to respond to the demand in Kentucky for affordable health care coverage with its product CareSource Just4Me. In Kentucky, CareSource will increase its coverage area to 46 counties, up from 16 counties in 2014, nearly tripling its footprint in the Commonwealth. Also, CareSource Just4Me will offer the lowest or second lowest health plan premiums in all six major markets in Kentucky.

"CareSource has a long history of putting members first," says Scott Streator, CareSource Senior Vice President. "As we expand our footprint in Kentucky, we're committed to providing quality health care coverage that Kentuckians can count on. Our low premiums, increased provider network, and expansion into more counties demonstrate our investment in the commonwealth."

In 2014, CareSource successfully enrolled nearly 90,000 members in CareSource Just4Me across the three states it currently serves. This enrollment season CareSource is projecting enrollment to reach 100,000 in four states—Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and newly added West Virginia.

CareSource Just4Me Quick Facts:

  • Nearly triple the CareSource service area for 2016—from 16 to 46 Kentucky counties
  • Robust network of 3,100 health plan partners: Norton (including Kosair Children's Hospital), KentuckyOne Health (including Jewish Hospitals & St. Joseph Hospitals), St. Elizabeth Health Care, and all members of the KY Primary Care Association
  • No deductible on pharmacy offerings
  • Free Generic prescriptions for Silver and Gold plans
  • Zero copay for Primary Care Physicians
  • Low premiums, low annual deductible and low co-pays

CareSource continues to expand in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. In addition to tripling its footprint from 16 to 46 counties, the non-profit plan has grown to serve more than 120,000 Kentuckians through its CareSource Just4Me and Medicaid products. Additionally, CareSource is entering the Medicare Advantage market in Kentucky with coverage beginning January 1, 2016.

About CareSource

CareSource is a leading, member-centric, regional nonprofit health plan headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. CareSource currently serves more than 120,000 Kentuckians through Just4Me and Medicaid. CareSource launched its CareSource Just4Me health insurance on the Kentucky Health Insurance Marketplace with 2015 coverage.

As one of the nation's largest Managed Medicaid plans, CareSource serves more than 1.4 million consumers in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. The company expanded the footprint of its health plan CareSource Just4Me to the state of West Virginia and also will serve Medicaid consumers in the state of Georgia beginning July 2016.

CareSource is living its mission to make a difference in its members' lives by improving their health and well-being. CareSource understands the challenges consumers face navigating the health system and works to put health care in reach for those it serves.

CONTACT: Media Contact: Claire Zois Media Relations Specialist Direct: 937-531-2412 Claire.Zois@caresource.comSource: CareSource