CareSource Readies for Nov. 1 Marketplace Open Enrollment

INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 30, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CareSource, a nonprofit health plan, is preparing for open enrollment on Indiana's Health Insurance Marketplace, with lower premiums, an expanded footprint and an increased provider network.

A mission-based company with a 26-year history, CareSource continues to respond to the demand in Indiana for affordable, health care coverage with its product CareSource Just4Me. In Indiana, CareSource will increase its coverage area to 55 counties, up from 23 counties for 2015, doubling its footprint in Indiana. Also CareSource Just4Me premiums will be an average of 3.2% lower in Indiana than last year. The rate cuts are the result of savings from a healthy membership base in 2015, which CareSource is passing on to consumers.

"CareSource's priority is to provide health insurance that is easy to understand, use and afford," says Steve Smitherman, Executive Director for CareSource. "By lowering premiums, expanding our coverage to twice as many counties, and increasing our provider networks, we're meeting that goal with CareSource Just4Me."

CareSource Just4Me Quick Facts:

  • Double the CareSource service area for 2016—from 23 to 55 Indiana counties
  • Robust network of health plan partners, including the addition of 484 Primary Care Physicians, 3,800 specialists, and 27 new hospitals
  • No deductible on pharmacy offerings
  • Free Generic prescriptions (most plans)
  • $0 copay for Primary Care Visits (most plans)
  • $0 Retail Clinic copay (most plans)
  • Low premiums, low annual deductible and low co-pays

CareSource continues to expand in Indiana. In addition to doubling its footprint from 23 to 55 counties for CareSource Just4Me, the non-profit plan is entering the Medicare Advantage market in Indiana with coverage in 33 counties beginning January 1, 2016.

In 2014, CareSource successfully enrolled 22,000 Hoosiers in CareSource Just4Me plans and nearly 90,000 enrolled across the three states CareSource serves. This enrollment season CareSource is projecting enrollment to reach 100,000 across the four states of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and newly added West Virginia.

About CareSource

CareSource is a leading, member-centric, regional nonprofit health plan headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. CareSource launched its CareSource Just4Me health insurance in Indiana in 2015 and will offer Hoosiers a Medicare Advantage plan for coverage in 2016.

As one of the nation's largest Managed Medicaid plans, CareSource serves more than 1.4 million consumers in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. The company expanded the footprint of its health plan CareSource Just4Me to the state of West Virginia and also will serve Medicaid consumers in the state of Georgia beginning July 2016.

CareSource is living its mission to make a difference in its members' lives by improving their health and well-being. CareSource understands the challenges consumers face navigating the health system and works to put health care in reach for those it serves.

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