LeadingAge: InSite System(R) 3.0 Debuts for Non-Profit Long-Term Care Facilities

KIRKLAND, Wash., Oct. 30, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Talyst's Long-Term Care Division, a leader in automated medication management for Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Facilities, shows long-term care facilities how the InSite System® 3.0 in-facility medication management, packaging and delivery system can save their facilities money, time and frustration while improving resident care. The non-profit facilities attending Leading Age Annual Meeting and EXPO in Boston, Massachusetts from November 1-4 will see InSite System 3.0 demonstrated in Talyst's booth #2119.

Nurses derive satisfaction by spending time with residents and taking care of their needs. With the reported high rate of nurse burnout and frustration over the inefficiencies in long-term care facilities with traditional medication management, nurses have experienced an increase in administrative duties that could be automated, allowing them more time to spend with residents.

George Kondrach, General Manager and Vice President of Talyst Long-Term Care Division said, "We listened to nurses who were frustrated with traditional medication management, their administrators and executives who operate Skilled Nursing Facilities and to Talyst Certified Pharmacy Partners (TCIPs) who serve them and documented the issues that cost them time, money, job satisfaction, resident care, safety and overall efficiency. We used that feedback in (no one is going to know what this means, don't even think it is true) to design InSite System 3.0, an automated in-facility solution that addresses medication management, packaging, delivery, administration and total medication workflow issues."

The "traditional methods" of delivering medication to long-term care facilities from pharmacies today result in unacceptable outcomes, including:

  • Medication inconsistencies
  • Excessive hours handling pre-packed prescriptions
  • Staff frustration over delays or errors in medication

Unlike traditional methods and other automated solutions, the Talyst Long-Term Care Division has taken its proven InSite Medication Server and enhanced its capabilities by integrating solutions in following five integral categories provisioned via securely hosted or private cloud:

  • Task Management,
  • Performance Support (in the form of fully managed learning system and ad hoc learning),
  • Multi-modal Collaboration and Interaction Support,
  • Decision Support and
  • Executive Dashboards (displaying status and real-timing monitoring and reporting).

Read more about InSite System 3.0 and its long-term care benefits for nurses, administrators, executives, residents and their families, payers and the public communities.

Download the InSite System 3.0 screenshot.

Stop by Talyst's booth #2119 at Leading Age to see a demonstration of InSite System 3.0 and find out how it saves long-term care facilities money, time and frustration.

About Talyst Long-Term Care Division

Talyst Long-Term Care Division, located in Richardson, Texas, is a leader in automated medication management, enhanced workflow efficiencies and improved patient safety for long-term care facilities and a network of Talyst Certified InSite Pharmacies (TCIPs). Talyst has installed automated solutions in more than 700 long-term care facilities, acute-care hospitals, healthcare systems and correctional institutions. Find out more about Talyst at www.talyst.com, and view one of our videos.

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