For those who missed it, some spectacular Cartier gems


Luxury jewelry house Cartier opened up its vast collection to the public in Singapore at the Etourdissant Cartier exhibition for a single day. For those who missed Saturday's showing, here are the highlights.

Cartier displayed more than 600 pieces of high-end jewelry at the Singapore Pinacotheque de Paris, including its famed Etourdissant necklace, a 34.96-carat diamond centerpiece, and the famed Romanov bracelet. The Romanov bracelet is set in platinum, with a 197.80-carat cushion-shaped rose-cut sapphire at its center, along with 29.21 carats of step-cut, triangular-shaped and brilliant-cut diamonds.

Cartier sparkles in Singapore showcase

Cartier clients were flown in from around the world to view the mammoth collection of diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies, for an exclusive showing on Friday.

Speaking to CNBC, Cartier's regional MD Gregoire Blanche said Singapore was chosen to host the second leg of the exhibition because of the country's golden jubilee anniversary. The first leg was held in the French Riviera.

"Being able to fly in 450 guests from all over the world to come and discover this beautiful city, what the country has been able to accomplish in the last 50 years, was also a very important element for us," he said.

Speaking about the demand for high-end jewelry in Southeast Asia, Blanche said, "We've seen great growth in terms of the high jewelry market." He added that Singapore stood out in the region as an international capital with vast foot traffic brought about by tourism.