Dr. Mark Freund of Natural Care Chiropractic Furthers Studies to Help Patients Attain Optimum Health

LINDENHURST, Ill., Nov. 01, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Mark Freund is a licensed chiropractor at Natural Care Chiropractic. Dr. Freund has been a chiropractor since 1996 and in order to best serve his patients, has taken it upon himself to study other health care practices. In addition to doing spinal adjustments, Dr. Freund has furthered his education by attending a variety of workshops and seminars and studying different techniques, alternative types of medicine, and other means to provide optimum health and healing to his patients.

One technique in particular Dr. Freund has studied involves cranial manipulation which has proven to help those who suffer with temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ). This condition causes pain in the muscles and joints that control movement of the jaw. "People who suffer with severe TMJ disorders think surgery is their only option," says Dr. Freund. "However, Atlas Orthogonal and spinal adjustments are noninvasive techniques that have been proven to have a positive effect on this type of disorder." Atlas Orthogonal is an upper cervical chiropractic treatment developed by Dr. Roy Sweat in the late 1960's. Dr. Freund has attended multiple conferences and CME events covering TMJ chiropractic, including the 60th annual meeting of the AES and classes in temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders with the Sacro Occipital Technique Organization. Besides TMJ, this technique has also been proven effective include migraine headaches, sinus problems, and scoliosis.

Earlier this year, Dr. Freund also attended a seminar on functional blood chemistry. "I felt I needed to gain a better understanding of blood testing in general to better help my patients when it came to recognizing different serum patterns that could indicate an issue with the digestion and the health of the liver and other organs." During this particular seminar, Dr. Freund also learned how to recognize common dysfunctions that appear on blood chemistry panels, how to better evaluate the patterns of blood chemistry, and gain a better understanding of lipid panels, complete blood counts (CBC) and comprehensive metabolic panels (CMP).

One of the main areas Natural Care Chiropractic focuses on is nutrition. To further his education in this area, Dr. Freund has studied Nutrition Response Testing developed by Dr. Freddie Ulan. This 13-step protocol analyzes the body’s acupressure points along with its neurological reflexes. This analysis helps determine the nutrients the body is deficient in and what type of supplements are needed for improved health.

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