Rainbow Veterinary Hospital Announces $50 Partnership Special With Karma Dog Training

BURBANK, Calif., Nov. 01, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rainbow Veterinary Hospital announced that the practice is partnering with Karma Dog Training. For a limited time, pet owners who call Karma Dog Training to schedule an appointment and mention the new partnership will receive a $50 discount off their first training class. Burbank veterinarian Dr. Timothy Metzger says the new training partnership will make it easier for pet owners to build positive relationships with their pets based on mutual respect, cooperation and trust.

“Karma Dog Training is a gentle, effective enlightened approach to dog training,” said Dr. Metzger. “Rather than building a relationship based on intimidation and force, Karma Dog Training builds a relationship of mutual respect, cooperation and trust. The trainers do not endorse anything other than a 100 percent positive approach to dog training. As a veterinarian who treats many different dogs every day, I see first-hand the difference that positive training can make for pets.”

Karma Dog Training provides private, in-home dog training lessons, basic dog obedience classes, puppy training and puppy socialization classes, dog behavior modification training, service dog training, therapy dog training, star puppy classes and canine good citizen classes. The training center also works with pets that are struggling with separation anxiety, dog-on-dog aggression, resource guarding and human aggression.

“We strongly recommend Karma Dog Training for pets of all ages,” said Dr. Metzger. “Their puppy classes, for example, are a great way to socialize puppies in a safe and responsible manner. For older dogs that are struggling with aggression issues or separation anxiety, Karma Dog Training offers custom treatment plans and protocols for constructively addressing these behaviors. This positive approach helps correct behavior while strengthening the bond between dogs and their owners.”

Jeffrey Brian Liebowitz is the founder and CEO of Karma Dog Training, Inc. Liebowitz says he developed the Los Angeles puppy training, puppy kindergarten, basic obedience and dog training education courses in order to bring a gentle, effective and enlightened approach to puppy and dog training.

“The Zen approach to dog training recognizes that there are two masters; a dog is not below anyone on the totem pole,” said Liebowitz. “We approach training from the perspective that our dog, although an animal, probably has more to teach us than we have to teach him! We may teach dogs how to sit and stay, but dogs can teach us the power of unconditional love and the ability to live solely in the moment.”

Dr. Metzger says that Rainbow Veterinary Hospital is closely aligned with Liebowitz’s positive care philosophy.

“All dog-human relationships must be built on a foundation of respect,” said Dr. Metzger.

Rainbow Veterinary Hospital provides general veterinary wellness services, including vaccinations and pet surgery. For more information on the new training partnership, call (818) 383-5386 or (323) 533-9394 and mention Rainbow Veterinary Hospital for the $50 special.

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