Skocik Chiropractic Adds THOR LED Laser Therapy to Its Treatment Program

HARRISBURG, Pa., Nov. 01, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Skocik Chiropractic has added a THOR LED laser therapy to its treatment of injuries, chronic pain and inflammation. The clinic is offering a limited time $50 introductory rate for laser therapy for new and existing patients.

Low-light laser therapy harnesses the power of light to heal the body. The light, delivered by a variety of devices, penetrates the skin to reach the inflamed tissues below where it is converted into biochemical energy to stimulate the body's natural healing process within the cells. The light enables cells to take in more oxygen and nutrients while ridding themselves of waste and toxins. It also increased the permeability of the cells which immediately works to reduce inflammation at the source.

The use of laser in the clinical chiropractic setting can treat a wide range of patient conditions including soft tissue injuries, joint conditions, neck and back pain, arthritis, myofascial pain and others. Patients treated by laser therapy often see an immediate increase in the range of motion of affected joints and pain reduction. Because the laser treatment is non-invasive and can be combined with other chiropractic treatments, patients often meet rehabilitation goals more quickly and get back to the activities they enjoy much faster.

According to Dr. Albert Skocik of Skocik Chiropractic in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, "The laser is a wonderful device for my patients. We use cold laser therapy to promote deep tissue or wound healing and reduce pain. The treatment is fast and pain-free, but highly effective. At most, patients might feel slight warmth at the treatment site, but generally they don't feel anything. This laser treatment can be used with any age patient to treat many conditions from acute sports injuries to chronic pain and inflammation. The immediate improvement in their condition is astounding."

"Laser technology gives us new opportunities for pain relief in larger areas of the body," stated Dr. Skocik. "We are excited to put this great tool to use on behalf of our patients, so we have decided to offer a special introductory rate for all laser treatments. We will offer $50 treatments for a limited time for patients who would like to add laser therapy to their chiropractic treatment."

To take advantage of this special rate, those interested should contact Skocik Chiropractic at 717-441-0773. Skocik chiropractic offers a wide range of chiropractic and wellness services, including nutrition counseling, massage therapy, spinal decompression, peripheral neuropathy and back and neck pain treatments. The clinic is located at 5431 Jonestown Rd in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the clinic is open 8 AM to 12 noon and again from 3 PM to 6 PM, Monday through Friday.

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Source: Skocik Chiropractic