Taber Chiropractic Works to Fight Chronic Inflammation

BOWIE, Md., Nov. 01, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Taber Chiropractic helps patients fight chronic inflammation through changes in diet and the addition of supplements such as Nutra Disc. With these changes, inflammation — the leading cause of most chronic disease — can be reversed. Inflammation is the body's response to a foreign invader such as bacteria or a virus. Starting in the bone marrow, the immune system deploys a specialized team of white blood cells to attack and destroy the foreign substance. Sometimes, the body receives a faulty signal. Without any bacteria or viruses to focus on, the white blood cells can turn on the body's own tissues causing irreparable damage.

According to Dr. Theodore Taber of Taber Chiropractic, temporary inflammation is normal, but long-term inflammation can be silent and harmful, even deadly. "Acute inflammation occurs when the body is reacting to a temporary condition. You might notice some swelling, redness, or even heat with localized inflammation, which is part of the body's natural healing process."

Dr. Diane Taber agrees, "Absolutely, however, it is not these instances of acute inflammation that concern our long-term health. Over time, we can begin to experience chronic inflammation that affects every tissue, joint and muscle in our bodies. This is the type of inflammation that must be stopped. This inflammation is often undetected and can lead to cancer, heart disease and diabetes if left untreated."

Natural supplements such as Nutra Disc are just one weapon in the Tabers’ arsenal against inflammation. The clinic works with patients to make lifestyle changes that work to eliminate inflammation. "We recommend an anti-inflammatory diet for our patients that eliminates sugar and grains which are significant causes of inflammation," continued Dr. Diane Taber. "The standard American diet is high in trans fats and Omega-6 fats which actually cause inflammation. With a few changes in diets to increase Omega-3 fats and adding in beneficial supplements, we find that our patients feel better and lead richer, fuller lives very quickly."

Nutra Disc is a unique supplement that works in the body to reduce inflammation by supporting the body's production of collagen and rebuilding of cartilage. Nutra Disc's power lies in the ingredient turmeric. Turmeric is a powerful spice that has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body and is particularly beneficial to those suffering from chronic conditions such as arthritis and autoimmune related disorders. Nutra Disc also includes proteolytic enzymes that work to break long chains of proteins down into amino acids which serve as the body's building blocks. Nutra Disc's use of proteolytic enzymes works to speed the production of amino acids thus working to heal damaged cells, muscles and tissues.

Taber Chiropractic is located at 14300 Gallant Fox Lane, Suite 201, in Bowie, Maryland. To learn more about Nutra Disc, an anti-inflammatory diet, or to make an appointment with Dr. Theodore or Diane Taber, call the office at (301) 352-4500.

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