John Marshall Law School Teams with Cook County Sheriff, Others to Expunge Juvenile Criminal Records

CHICAGO, Nov. 2, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A juvenile record can be a significant barrier to employment, financial aid, housing and other opportunities. Yet few people eligible for expungement in Cook County request to clear those potentially damaging youth records. The John Marshall Law School is helping people to erase the youthful mistakes that can plague a person's future.

John Marshall's Pro Bono Program & Clinic and Restorative Justice Project are hosting the law school's first Cook County Juvenile Justice Expungement Summit on Nov. 5. During the summit, John Marshall law students and staff lawyers will work with officials from Cook County Juvenile Court Probations to help complete expungement requests from individuals with juvenile criminal records.

John Marshall is partnering with WestCare Foundation and Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart on the program.

Clients will submit their case information to John Marshall ahead of the Nov. 5 program. Those clients then will meet with John Marshall law students and staff already briefed on their cases and will discuss the next steps in securing an expungement.

Individuals interested in expungement must register by calling 312-427-2737 ext. 477 or emailing

When: 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Nov. 5

Where: 315 S. Plymouth Court, Chicago

To learn more about John Marshall's Pro Bono Program & Clinic or Restorative Justice Project, contact Christine Kraly at or 312-427-2737 ext. 171.

CONTACT: Christine Kraly 312-427-2737 x 171Source: The John Marshall Law School-Chicago