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Ex-Walmart exec Bill Simon crash lands a plane

Parachute saves pilot of small plane in Arkansas
Parachute saves pilot of small plane in Arkansas

Bill Simon, the former U.S. CEO of Walmart, crash-landed a single-engine plane in Fayetteville, Arkansas, on Tuesday. He and his two passengers survived a parachute landing.

The Fayetteville police reported that the plane experienced oil pressure problems during its flight from Bentonville Municipal Airport to Waco, Texas.

Simon purportedly attempted to land at an airfield in Fayetteville but was unsuccessful. Instead, he used an emergency parachute and made a slow landing on Martin Luther King Boulevard in south Fayetteville, according to an NBC affiliate.

The plane hit a truck that was traveling on the road. The plane's passengers and the truck driver were transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.