Crowdly Unlocks the Gates to Instagram for Brands’ Influencer and Advocate Marketing Campaigns

BOSTON, Nov. 03, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CROWDLY, the only Advocate Marketing Platform that connects large consumer brands with their own, most influential and authentic customer advocates, today announced the launch of significant new capabilities for Instagram.

The latest release expands upon Crowdly’s capabilities to drive high-value influencer and advocate marketing initiatives, by now surfacing and activating a brand’s existing engaged influencers amongst their rapidly growing Instagram followers to power key word-of-mouth initiatives.

“This release gives brands something they’ve never had before; an easy, reliable method for identifying and activating their best customers on Instagram in a scalable way that’s incredibly effective and measurable,” said Dan Sullivan, Founder and CEO at Crowdly. “Crowdly exists to connect brands with their most authentic and engaged customers, and we’re doing so in a rapidly evolving landscape where traditional advertising and marketing channels are falling short. Giving brands access to the world of Instagram further adds to this asset of a brand’s most influential consumers and gives them a scalable and effective way to build positive word-of-mouth, power their key marketing initiatives, drive purchase, and provide measurable ROI.”

Crowdly’s Advocate Marketing Platform includes the following features and capabilities:

  • Advocate and Influencer Identification: Automatically surface and rank all fans, followers, and engaged customers by the level of influence they generate specifically when they talk about a brand, and see the full history of their digital interactions with a brand.

  • Segmentation: Ability to create real-time segments of brand audiences based on the particular products, topics, or interests they talk about, to find the right people for each initiative.

  • Activation: Well beyond listening, Crowdly’s library of turnkey Activation Pages gives brands incredibly high performing, robust ways of easily tapping their advocates and customers to drive immediate, tangible results for their highest priority initiatives.

  • Automated Audience Creation: Tearing down the wall between organic and paid, Crowdly’s proprietary Clinks™ technology enables brands to instantly capture those reached by any organic content as a retargetable audience for sponsored campaigns.

  • Advanced Audience Insights: Crowdly offers unparalleled insights into who and what drives brand influence, providing access to information such as competitive intelligence, other brand affinities, geography, age, income, relationship status, triggers, topics, detailed personas, and more.

Many of the world’s global brands use Crowdly, such as Diet Coke, Swarovski, P.F. Chang’s, IronMan, Sodastream, and Hendrick’s Gin. Specifically, brands have used Crowdly to achieve success in the following areas:

  • Ambassador Programs: Crowdly delivers a brand’s absolute best and most influential people to recruit and activate as brand ambassadors for high value one-to-one initiatives.

  • One-to-Many VIP Programs: Simple and powerful capabilities to quickly build a robust base of authentic customer VIPs, with an always-on direct channel for evergreen activation.

  • Campaign and Product Launches: Seeding a launch with brand advocates provides the most word-of-mouth impact and consumer trust, ensuring immediate and long-term success.

  • Effective Broad Reach: Brands can activate a core base to create and champion brand content to their trusted networks, creating significant organic reach that effectively drives conversions, sales, and brand lift.

“Instagram has become amongst our most prominent channels when it comes to visual content created by our consumers. It's a vibrant and exciting place for us to co-create brand content with our customers and we've been able to use Crowdly to channel the creativity of these passionate people. Our #PFChangsPink campaign is a great example where we have seen extremely high growth in user generated content and have been able to partner with our most influential advocates in support of a great cause we care deeply about as a brand." - Jim Umberger, VP Interactive and Loyalty Marketing, P.F. Chang’s

"Instagram is a new medium for many of our clients, but not at all new for their loyal fans and brand advocates. Crowdly has allowed us to identify and start building relationships with key influencers loyal to the brands we work with.” - Costa Boudouvas, Senior Creative Technologist, MullenLowe USA

“In the space of disaster response, visual content is essential in telling our story and influencing others to take action, whether through volunteerism or financial support. Instagram is a natural launch point for that content to begin its spread and we plan to leverage it heavily in our efforts to respond quickly, distribute factual information, and provide a realistic view into the situations where we’ve got boots on the ground. Crowdly is the most effective solution we’ve found that can really connect us with the people who have the best chances of introducing our mission to the rest of the world." - Bobbi Snethen, Team Rubicon USA

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About Crowdly

Crowdly is the only platform that powers influencer marketing with a brand’s proven, authentic brand advocates. Crowdly doesn’t rent influencers, our unique technology allows large brands to surface and unlock the tremendous asset of passionate loyalists they have already earned, but haven’t had the capability to effectively leverage.

Using Crowdly, brands build and foster a base of their own best people that they can depend on to champion the brand to their own friends and networks in a way that’s incredibly powerful, simple, and authentic. For more information, please visit

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