New Research from Phoenix Marketing International's Mobile Insights Product, AirportXP, Reveals New York Airports Are Not Always on the Bottom of the Traveler Satisfaction List

RHINEBECK, N.Y., Nov. 3, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Phoenix Marketing International (PMI), a global marketing services firm, today released findings from the company's newest research offering, AirportXP. Leveraging the insights and engagement solutions of mXP (mobile experience), AirportXP allows travelers to share their experience at the 250 busiest U.S. Airports. The research revealed that New York Airports – LaGuardia (LGA), John F. Kennedy International (JFK) and Newark Liberty International (EWR) – often landing at the bottom of traveler satisfaction surveys, get high marks for parking availability and access. Check-in services, retail and security were also winners in the study. An informational video on the product can be found here.

"Parking represents one of the top revenue generators for airports, so it is great to see that travelers are giving these New York hubs high marks on something that is important to airport management and the bottom line," said David Pluchino, vice president, Phoenix Marketing International. "Although there are other areas that rated well for travelers, there are still many others aspects of traveler satisfaction that can be improved upon. AirportXP is helping to uncover these issues and shed light on how airports can improve."

Among the 30 large hub airports (as classified by the FAA), EWR ranked 22nd, JFK came in 24th and LGA 27th. AirportXP looks at both a national perception for each airport as well as the passengers 'home' airport', the airport that they fly out of most often. The national results revealed that Newark ranked high for terminal accessibility, service at the security checkpoint and parking in terms of availability and ease of access.

Based on where locals fly out of the most, all three of the large hub Port Authority airports exceed the national average for many aspects of a passenger's travel experience. These include:


  • Availability of baggage carts
  • Ease of access for and signs directing travelers to parking
  • Availability of retail stores before security
  • Power outlets and TV programming in the gate area
  • Time required at security checkpoint


  • Availability of and signs directing travelers to parking
  • Availability of baggage carts
  • Ease of finding security check point location
  • Time required at security checkpoint


  • Variety of retail stores available
  • Availability of retail stores after security check
  • Signs and directions to the baggage claim area

A continuous, daily flow of traveler feedback, coupled with mXP's unique approach to generating insights, provides in-moment measurement of service quality from counter check-in through departure. For the airport manager, this means building relationships with business and leisure travelers, plus the ability to identify and address service problems as they surface, in real-time.

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