Another Federal Registration Received for Award-Winning Biosolids Process - A First for Western Canada

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CAMBRIDGE, Ontario, Nov. 4, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In addition to the national environment award the City of North Battleford (City), Saskatchewan received from the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) in June of this year, for the implementation of its Lystek biosolids and organics processing technology, the City can also now claim that it is the first community in Western Canada to receive a federal registration from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for the LysteGro biofertilizer being produced at its Wastewater Resource Recovery Centre (WRRC). This is the sixth Lystek-enabled, thermal hydrolysis facility to receive this important distinction.

"This is truly an exciting day; both for our progressive customer in North Battleford, and for us," commented Lystek's Director of Business Development, Kevin Litwiller. "First, we delivered on budget and ahead of schedule, then the City received a national environment award, and now our collective efforts have been further validated with this registration," he adds. Lystek's biosolids and organics processing solutions are now featured in multiple facilities across Canada and a first U.S. project is fully underway in Fairfield, California. Combined, these facilities are capable of diverting over 350,000 thousand tonnes of biosolids and other organics from landfills and converting them into quality-controlled biofertilizer products as well as biogas, for green energy.

"Our proven, turn-key solutions are providing year-round, reliable and affordable solutions for our valued customers and making significant contributions to the circular economy by promoting highest and best use of these materials through safe and sustainable diversion practices, " adds Rick Mosher, President of Lystek.

"Demand for LysteGro is outstripping supply because of its demonstrated performance in agriculture and other uses in sod farming, horticulture, soil remediation and more. Further validation of the value of the innovative, Lystek system has also been demonstrated for its ability to reduce overall volumes and significantly increase biogas outputs," he adds.

"Our decision to retrofit the Lystek solution into our wastewater treatment plant and convert it into a Resource Recovery Centre is already paying dividends." says Stewart Schafer Director of Operations for North Battleford. "Due to the simplicity of the system, we did not have to hire any additional staff, or over-spend on capital infrastructure. Plus, we are now producing a highly marketable, federally registered fertilizer product that allows us to generate revenue which will help to offset operational costs, over time. Lystek's low-cost, thermal hydrolysis system offers generators multiple "wins", both economically and environmentally," observes Mr. Schafer.

"As populations continue to grow, the raw resources required to make chemical fertilizers continue to be depleted. This is one factor that is driving the demand for our technology and the LysteGro product. In addition to this, we are also seeing regulatory changes aimed at further reducing Green House Gas emissions and, some areas of North America are already phasing in outright bans on organic "waste" in landfills. Our solutions can help solve these challenges. It is motivating to work with forward-thinking customers who are willing to set the pace for others." adds Mr. Litwiller.

Lystek International Inc. is an organic materials recovery firm that is helping reduce waste, costs, odors and greenhouse gas emissions through its innovative approach to biosolids and organics management. The multi-use Lystek system can be leveraged to optimize digesters and biological nutrient removal systems while also contributing to landfill diversion and agricultural sustainability. This is achieved by transforming non-hazardous, organic materials into nutrient-rich, federally-registered fertilizers and other, multi-purpose products.

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Source: Lystek Canada