Tommy John's new underwear: 'No wedgie' guarantee

Tommy John's wedgie free guarantee: CEO

Luxury undergarments company Tommy John is making a bold statement with it's new line of briefs: Men, you will never again suffer the indignity of a wedgie.

"We have a no wedgie guarantee," Tom Patterson, founder of Tommy John, told CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Wednesday.

The briefs in question are Tommy John's new Air underpants, which the company says are the result of nearly two years of product development. Made from an anti-microbial mesh fabric, the briefs are engineered to be light, durable and impervious to bunching.

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This is not the first time Tommy John has sought to reinvent the underwear market. The specialty apparel company's first product was a patented undershirt that it says never becomes untucked and eliminates excess fabric.

The goal is to get men to upgrade the most intimate part of their wardrobe, which Patterson said is typically one of the last things the average guy invests in.

"The men's underwear category has probably evolved more in the last two years than the last 25," he said. "What we've tried to do is make it a more comfortable experience with lighter-weight fabrics that are patented."

Tommy John underwear claims to have solved the "wedgie" issue.
Source: Tommy John | Instagram

But comfort comes at a cost. The Air trunks retail for about $42 to $48, while undershirt prices range from $40 to $62.

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To get the word out, Tommy John released a video showing men in awkward public undie adjustments. Patterson said the idea was to depart from the typical men's brief campaign, which features chiseled male models, and instead address the "epidemic" of undergarment bunching in a way that men can relate to.

The video has since gone viral. The advertisement, called "The Big Adjustment," attracted more than 1 million views in its first week.

Despite its name, the company has no connection to the retired baseball pitcher.