Production Bulletin Explains How to Get a Job in Film and Television

Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Production listing services are entertainment data solutions that provide verified, timely, and accurate information on people, projects, and companies that work in the film and television business. Behind-the-camera professionals, freelancers, support service providers, companies and vendors use these "it" lists to quickly identify, connect, and get hired with production companies long before their competitors even know about the project.

"Don't be afraid to make phone calls or initiate contact by email. My friend and I began our careers in a living room with a list of production company numbers. Dozens of polite rejections later, we both had internships that have directly led to successful paid jobs and careers," said Linda, a New York production assistant.

Ideally, a production listing contains the project and/or working title, names of production companies involved, contact persons and their direct contact details, location(s) and start dates, at the bare minimum.

"We don't just publish a list or a weekly newsletter," said Matthew Thompson, an account executive with Los Angeles-based, industry leading production alert service "We have an extensive, constantly updated database that allows our subscribers to access the most comprehensive production breakdown available, including production company information (direct phone, fax, and email) as well as above the line crew and talent, log line, filming location(s), and start/wrap dates."

Production Bulletin provides information on all new blockbusters, indies, pilots and series for major networks, cable television, Netflix and Amazon, moving between development and pre-production status.

"As soon as a movie is listed, I'm on the phone with the production company," said Jacob, an assistant cinematographer whom uses to help locate jobs. "There are some other companies out there, but I've never had much luck with their services, plus the [Production] Bulletin only costs me 40 bucks a month. Forget your local newsletter, if you want to have an advantage, you have to pay for lists and then work your phone. That's just the way it is."

"If it's shooting, Production Bulletin publishes it," said Thompson.



Production Bulletin supplies film, television and digital media industry professionals, support service providers, companies, and vendors with real-time updates about what projects are getting ready to shoot and who to contact to get hired faster. For $39.95 per month, members receive instant access to a wide range of film and television crew jobs occurring throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia for major studio, independent film, Amazon, Netflix, network and cable television movies, pilots and series.

Clients include behind-the-camera professionals, such as production assistants, directors of photography, editors, assistant directors, production designers, costume designers, make-up artists, hairstylists, UPMs, camera assistants, camera operators, sound mixers, etc., along with vendors, such as animal handlers, catering services, payroll and entertainment insurance companies, as well as location and equipment rentals amongst others.

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Source: Production Bulletin