Varonis Adds Proactive Analytics and Predictive Threat Models to Help Stop Data Breaches

NEW YORK, Nov. 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Varonis Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRNS), the leading provider of software solutions for unstructured, human-generated enterprise data, today announced beta availability of an unprecedented set of predictive threat models that can be used to analyze and detect everything from insider threats and outsider attacks to CryptoLocker infections and suspicious behavior.

Version 6.2.5 of the industry-leading Varonis Metadata Framework platform includes major enhancements to Varonis DatAlert, one of the most widely used solutions for monitoring unstructured data – which is typically the largest, most valuable and most sensitive type of data and is therefore the target of most attacks. The new capabilities represent the most advanced analytics and predictive threat models available to help organizations stem the rising tide of data breaches that are caused or exacerbated by previously undetected insider access and behavior, such as compromise of privileged accounts and privilege abuse.

The new capabilities in Varonis Metadata Framework version 6.2.5 include:

  • Dozens of new automated threat models for Varonis DatAlert to provide advanced behavioral alerts on access anomalies and suspicious activity
  • Enhanced ability for Varonis DatAdvantage to analyze metadata and automatically discover critical assets, noteworthy people and normal activity, establishing a baseline of behavior
  • The ability for Varonis DatAdvantage to more accurately identify unusual behavior with machine learning algorithms and behavioral threat models

Customer Perspective

Enovos, a leading energy supplier for multiple countries in Europe, takes its responsibilities very seriously when it comes to protecting its data. Varonis' new analysis capabilities are helping Enovos enhance data security by analyzing past user activity, building additional behavior baselines and spotting more unusual activity. "This is a welcome advance, and will certainly help us detect future insider threats more quickly," the company said.

Analyst Perspective

Doug Cahill, Senior Analyst for CyberSecurity at Enterprise Strategy Group, said, "One of the challenges organizations face when they deploy various kinds of security sensors is that the sheer volume of meaningless alerts and false positives often forces them to cry uncle and turn off the alerts, reserving them for use only in known threat situations and eliminating their proactive effects. By analyzing months of activity, Varonis can help companies define the baseline for normal user activity and then deploy the new automated threat models for contextual and thus meaningful and actionable alerts. Such behavioral-based anomaly detection is a real advance in the burgeoning field of user behavior analytics."

Partner Perspective

Sam Cattle, Security Architect and Consulting Manager for Rolta AdvizeX, a Varonis partner, said, "We're very excited about the new DatAdvantage and DatAlert capabilities, and we're sure our customers will find these updates invaluable. Bottom line, the amount of unstructured data our customers deal with isn't slowing down. This data is more sensitive than ever, and the chance of a breach happening has never been greater than it is today. That said, our customers need a solution that will help them to dig even more deeply into their metadata for greater insight, monitors and alerts on suspicious user behavior, unusual patterns of data access, and other signs of risk from their employees and beyond. We look forward to working with our customers to introduce and implement the new Varonis updates."

Varonis CEO Perspective

Yaki Faitelson, Varonis Co-Founder and CEO, said, "By now it is understood that protecting the perimeter of your network can no longer be the primary focus of a comprehensive security strategy. Organizations must gather, analyze and act on real-time knowledge of the relationships between users and data. Your analysis can only be as good as the metadata you're analyzing, and Varonis has more and better metadata than any other company that deals with unstructured data. We have been collecting and analyzing metadata for nearly 4,000 customers over the past decade. Our newest innovations provide a level of automation that has never been available, including pre-built threat models against advanced behavioral baselines. We will continue to create new threat models based on user behavior and add to our inside-out security capabilities.

Faitelson continued, "It is clear that organizations cannot reverse or even slow the trend of cybersecurity disasters – which threaten their ability to conduct business – without having Varonis as a core component of their infrastructure."

With new threat models based on user behavior, Varonis will bring unprecedented insight and equip organizations with the ability to detect and prevent potentially devastating data breaches. Until now, Varonis DatAlert allowed IT and security administrators to flag suspicious activity based on static conditions. The new Varonis 6.2.5 expands this capability by including pre-built threat models and adaptive baselines that evolve over time. Varonis UBA threat models can perform much deeper analytics on the metadata that its solutions have already been capturing in a decade of deployment. The accuracy enabled by such threat models will lead to more operationally efficient detection and allow for greater visibility, as more sensors, behaviors, and the events they generate can be used in combatting threats.

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About Varonis

Varonis is the leading provider of software solutions for unstructured, human-generated enterprise data. Varonis provides an innovative software platform that allows enterprises to map, analyze, manage and migrate their unstructured data. Varonis specializes in human-generated data, a type of unstructured data that includes an enterprise's spreadsheets, word processing documents, presentations, audio files, video files, emails, text messages and any other data created by employees. This data often contains an enterprise's financial information, product plans, strategic initiatives, intellectual property and numerous other forms of vital information. IT and business personnel deploy Varonis software for a variety of use cases, including data governance, data security, archiving, file synchronization, enhanced mobile data accessibility and information collaboration. As of September 30, 2015, Varonis had approximately 4,000 customers, spanning leading firms in the financial services, public, healthcare, industrial, energy & utilities, technology, consumer and retail, education and media & entertainment sectors.

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