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Threat landscape evolving and dangerous: FireEye CEO

FireEye CEO: Threat landscape evolving & dangerous

FireEye's stock was absolutely obliterated on Thursday, dropping more than 22 percent, after reporting a no-so-hot quarter. The stunning decline prompted Jim Cramer to question the cybersecurity space, and where the future of FireEye could be headed.

FireEye has a high-quality, machine-based cybersecurity platform that provides clients with real-time protection from some of the most sophisticated forms of cyber attack. It is also widely regarded as the best forensics specialist in the business; the company many businesses call when they have been hacked and want to figure out what happened.

"But right now it seems business is not good in the cybersecurity space, in part because there simply weren't enough high-profile hacks in the last quarter," the "Mad Money" host said.

FireEye reported on Thursday that it delivered a larger than expected earnings loss on weaker than anticipated sales, even while it managed to grow 45 percent. What really frightened investors was the fact management slashed full-year sales, earnings and billing guidance. It provided a fourth-quarter forecast that was significantly below what analysts were looking for.

The threat landscape is still evolving and it's as dangerous as it's ever been
David DeWalt
Chairman & CEO of FireEye
Dave DeWalt, chairman and CEO of FireEye.
Francis Specker | Bloomberg | Getty Images

So with a suboptimal quarter under its belt, has the stock been crushed so badly that it could ultimately represent value?

To learn more, Cramer spoke with FireEye's Chairman and CEO David DeWalt.

"This company has grown from a sub-$50 million company to nearly a $1 billion company in less than 12 quarters. We were the beneficiary at times of a surge or spike that is happening in cybersecurity," DeWalt said.

The CEO explained that cybersecurity companies were often tied to cycles in the threat landscape, which has evolved over time, with the emergence of cybersecurity threats from places such as China, Syria, Iran and North Korea. He remained confident that FireEye was well positioned to take advantage of that in the long term.

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"The threat landscape is still evolving and it's as dangerous as it's ever been," DeWalt added. (Tweet This)

One area the CEO agreed improvement was needed was in its European division. Cramer pointed out that he was surprised to see a miss in billings for Europe, because all research indicated that Europe was spending more on technology.

"I think that's on us a little, Jim. I think we've got to perform a little bit better. I'd like to say it's all macro across the globe, it's not. FireEye, like any company, has to perform better, and we will. We are fighters," DeWalt responded.

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