Eight new companies begin Innosphere's incubation program for technology startups

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Nov. 6, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Innosphere is excited to announce that eight new client companies have been accepted into Innosphere's incubation program, and have just begun attending the initial exclusive training sessions. Innosphere client companies receive customized development plans, learn from other founders and experienced advisors, and receive ongoing support to ensure they have the know-how to raise the right kind of capital, and have all the resources to exponentially grow.

One entrepreneur who recently entered the program is Rod Nuss, founder and COO of ValidCare, a digital healthcare and services company focused on solving real problems for the healthcare industry around surgical episode management. A "surgical episode" starts when a patient elects surgery and concludes when they achieve total recovery. "ValidCare is more than just a cloud-based software solution. It also aligns hospital, surgeon, and patient incentives to improve the cost, quality, and patient experience outcomes associated with surgical care coordination," said Mike Freeman, Innosphere CEO. "The costs associated with readmissions from just knee and hip replacements alone is a huge problem in healthcare. ValidCare helps reduce readmissions through improved patient-caregiver communication in real time throughout the recovery process. We are excited to be supporting a company that is helping hospitals thrive with value-based care."

"The Innosphere program has already been a great experience," said Nuss. "We want to link with the growing healthcare startup community in Colorado, and Innosphere is a leader in fostering that growth and building that community."

Innosphere is currently supporting 40 Client Companies with another 2 companies in pre-client status, along with 3 Colorado State University student startup companies.

The new eight Innosphere Client Companies include:

  • ValidCare (Centennial, CO) ValidCare is a digital healthcare company focused on improving the surgical episode of care. Their customers are network participants who are pioneering the transformation to value-based care, and ValidCare helps their customers improve their financial, operational, and patient health by: communicating via their HIPAA compliant, cloud-based communication platform; delivering real-time education, reminders, alerts and patient-reported outcomes; and Implementing ValidCare alignment services to facilitate the adoption of value-based care models. www.validcare.com
  • MyChoiceMD (Fort Collins) Whether it is because they are uninsured or are on a medical plan with a high-deductible, more and more people are paying cash for routine medical care. MyChoiceMD puts the power of choice back in the hands of the consumer. You will see up-front pricing that can save you as much as 40%. And you know the price of your visit before you go! Book and pay for your appointment in one easy process with the MyChoiceMD platform, which now also includes Associates in Family Medicine and Harmony Imaging. www.mychoicemd.co
  • Allergy Solutions (Erie, CO) Allergy Solutions brings long-term relief for allergy sufferers and improves financial health for our client doctors and companies through proven-safe and effective allergy-care services. www.allergysolutionsinc.com
  • FluoroFinder (Broomfield, CO) FluoroFinder is a cloud-based experiment design tool, that enables scientists to select the best fluorochromes for their medical research experiments, and the find who sells them. Trusted in over 160 US medical research institutions, FluoroFinder is accelerating their research initiatives in the field of Cancer, HIV, Multiple Sclerosis, and other diseases. FluoroFinder's technologies save thousands of days - and millions of dollars - for research institutions every year, by turning a manual task of hours or days to just minutes. https://fluorofinder.com/
  • Mother's Milk Is Best (Fort Collins, CO) MMIB was founded with the goal of improving feeding options for premature babies. They have developed a medical device for concentrating mother's milk and maximizing bioactive factors in it. MMIB exists because one in eight babies is born prematurely in the United States. These tiny babies must begin life fighting to survive, and have immature organs which cannot process the large volume of milk necessary for growth so they need their milk to be fortified or concentrated. www.mothersmilkisbest.com
  • SimpliOpus (Colorado Springs, CO) SimpliOpus solves a problem every sales leader faces: consistent sales execution by every seller. With only 20% of sales teams reaching quota and close rates below 30%, it's a universal challenge. SimpliOpus is a cloud platform that simplifies and automates any Value Based Sales process. It integrates with Salesforce to provide consistent sales execution. It includes: Account Planning, Executive Sponsorship, Automated Discovery, Financial Modeling and Business Case creation. SimpliOpus enables sellers to show the business and financial impact of their offering. Taking mere mortal salespeople and turning them into sales rock stars.
  • ResourceX (Denver, CO) Resource Exploration (ResourceX) is a fiscal analytics software venture, providing advanced technology for resource allocation solutions. Our software provides comprehensive analytics to understand an organization's financial, human, and physical resources. Compared to competitors, ResourceX stands out for two things. First, its unique underlying processes of program inventory identification, program costing, and priority based budgeting. This process has a proven track record supported by our work with over 100 local governments across North America. Our second differentiator is we have combined that experience with the power of a user friendly interface. The software of ResourceX reaches well outside local governments and applies to private sector industries, including education, real estate and healthcare. www.ResourceX.net
  • The Food Corridor (Fort Collins, CO) Post your kitchen space. Find your cooking place. The Food Corridor is a food hub connecting commercial kitchen space with food businesses. They are the first online marketplace for food businesses to find and book commercial kitchens. Concurrently, commercial kitchen owners can more effectively utilize their assets, providing additional revenue streams to schools, food banks, churches, restaurants, and more. www.thefoodcorridor.com

Applications now open for next cohort of startups

High-tech small businesses and startups can apply now to join Innosphere's incubation program that will begin in January 2016. Innosphere reviews applicant companies three times a year. Once accepted into the program, Innosphere's exclusive onboarding process allows companies to attend valuable sessions to help scale their business. Please visit www.innosphere.org/apply to submit an application to be a part of the first company cohort of 2016. Deadline to apply is December 11.

For more information contact Innosphere CEO, Mike Freeman, at Mike@innosphere.org or 970.818.7736.

About Innosphere

Innosphere is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that supports entrepreneurs building high-growth and high-tech companies in the industries of energy and advanced materials, digital health innovations, biosciences, and software/hardware. Innosphere works with these startups and small businesses through their validation, startup, and growth stages. Innosphere prides themselves on the work they do to understand each company's specific needs in order to better customize a high-performance plan for each company based on capital, talent and growth strategies. Companies learn from other founders and experienced advisors, and receive ongoing support to ensure they have the know-how to raise the right kind of capital, and have all the resources to exponentially grow. Headquartered in Fort Collins, CO, Innosphere has multiple office locations across the state to better serve entrepreneurs.

CONTACT: Mike Freeman, Innosphere CEO (970) 818.7736 | Mike@innosphere.org

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