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How to play the jobs report: 4 big plays

How to play the jobs report: 4 big plays

Traders have one main focus after Friday's job report: financials.

CNBC "Fast Money" trader Steve Grasso said that as the prospects of a December rate hike have increased off the strong jobs data, financials stand to benefit from higher rates.

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"A lot of guys have it in their numbers already, but I think the big boys, the big mutual funds, pension funds, are still basing their case on "rates go higher, financials are bought," I don't think it's all in the numbers just yet," he said.

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Trader Tim Seymour agrees on the financials play. He also warned investors to stay far away from gold, which falls on the prospects of a rate hike and on a stronger dollar.

Brian Kelly zoomed in on Home Depot as a strong play after the report.

"I need a stock that does good in a strong dollar environment and with a good employment environment. That stock: Home Depot.That did very well today; it's done well over the last year."



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