Back to Life Health and Wellness Announces New Location and Website

OAKHURST, N.J., Nov. 08, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Back to Life Health and Wellness launches new practice location and website. The chiropractic practice will offer chiropractic care, medical weight loss support, functional medical solutions and more. A longtime chiropractic physician is excited to begin offering a large selection of wellness services to residents of Oakhurst, New Jersey.

Dr. Giulio Caruso recently opened Back to Life Health and Wellness in Oakhurst, New Jersey. Dr. Caruso and fellow chiropractor Dr. Shari Collins plan to offer area residents high-quality chiropractic care, customized rehabilitation and treatment plans, nutritional counseling and other health services.

Dr. Caruso also recently activated, a useful free online resource for anyone seeking answers about the office, the staff or health options that might aid them.

“I’ve been working with patients for more than 23 years, and every patient I’ve worked with has come with different challenges,” he said. “I always look forward to helping my patients find ways to improve their own health, including finding pain relief, teaching improved nutritional habits, increasing mobility and preventing future injuries.”

Dr. Caruso has worked in a variety of locations and settings over the years, including chiropractic clinics, part of multi-disciplinary medical teams, pain management specialty centers, and private clinics. Over the years, he has learned a variety of specialty treatment methods, such as joint manipulation techniques, Braincore therapy, occupational health and sports medicine, and how to best treat men’s and women’s health needs.

Dr. Collins also brings more than two decades of chiropractic experience, including a strong interest in helping people with headaches, neck and back pain, plus sports injuries and motor vehicle injuries.

Along with the latest healing techniques, patients also can receive tools to leave behind unhealthy lifestyles and rejuvenate their bodies and their lives with improved positive habits of better nutrition, exercise and alternative healthcare.

“Currently, one of my interests lies in learning more about diabetes care,” Dr. Caruso said. “It’s a disease affecting more and more Americans, and a poor lifestyle and a poor diet are often high risk factors. Likewise, making improvements in these areas of your life can also help you manage your condition more effectively or reduce the odds of having it.”

Dr. Caruso currently sees diabetic patients at his practice and provides a chiropractic, dietary and nutritional evaluation for any new patients looking to effectively manage and control their type II diabetes.

People interested in learning more about pain relief, chiropractic care and diabetic wellness are encouraged to contact the clinic. Initial consultations are complimentary.

Back to Life Health and Wellness in Oakhurst offers a variety of chiropractic services, pain relief, and other wellness solutions for Oakhurst-area residents. For more information visit or call (732) 508-9808.

Back to Life Health and Wellness, (732) 508-9808

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