Trinity Pet Hospital Encourages Regular Dental Care

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif., Nov. 08, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Staff at Trinity Pet Hospital seek to remind pet owners of the importance of proper pet dental care. Like humans, good oral hygiene habits can help keep local area residents’ pets’ teeth, gums and overall health in good shape. While owners sometimes provide some basic brushing, sometimes more advanced care is required.

“Not many people know that 80 percent of pets suffer to some degree from dental disease,” said Dr. Maged Kerolos, veterinarian at Trinity Pet Hospital. “Our staff works hard at providing highly-skilled dental care, and also educating and training pet owners in what they can be doing to keep their pets healthy.”

Dr. Kerolos said part of the reason for high dental disease comes down to a lack of awareness – many owners aren’t sure how or when to provide care, or what their pet should or shouldn’t be eating that could affect their overall dental health.

Owners with these kinds of questions are welcome to call or come by anytime. Available dental procedures include cleaning and polishing and are recommended at least once a year. If necessary, extractions or other kinds of oral surgery can be performed.

To help educate pet owners even more about the importance of oral health, Trinity Pet Hospital is offering a 10 percent discount for new and current parents on any dental cleanings or extractions. The promotional savings are available throughout November.

“The more your pet eats, the more bacteria, saliva, food particles and acids turn into plaque on their teeth,” said Dr. Kerolos. “Daily brushing can remove the plaque, but if untreated over time, it may harden into tartar, which needs to be professionally removed.”

Tartar build up can contribute to everything from irritated gum tissue to damage to teeth and teeth roots. Bacteria can also enter the bloodstream and increase the risk of infection to the animal’s organs and nervous system.

Pet owners should watch for symptoms such as bleeding or swollen gums, very bad breath, missing teeth, blood on chew toys or signs of pain when trying to eat their normal diet. However, Dr. Kerolos said even if they don’t show any of these signs, they could still be suffering from dental diseases.

Introducing a regular dental hygiene routine may not be easy at first, especially if a pet isn’t used to it. But Dr. Kerolos said pets can be trained in a few days or weeks. The staff can also advise owners on recommended brushes and toothpastes.

In addition to helping with dental care, Trinity Pet Hospital is available to help with any other pet care needs, from surgery to dermatology to vaccinations and microchipping.

Trinity Pet Hospital offers veterinary care for pets and animals in the Laguna Hills area, including dental care, dermatology, and surgery. For more information visit or call (949) 768-1314.

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