SenseDefense(TM) FiRes HP hearing protectors receive 15 decibel Noise Reduction Rating

LITTLETON, Colo., Nov. 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Our first responders and safety officers need to maintain situational awareness – without cost to their hearing. The SenseDefense™ line of acoustic protectors is the most comprehensive line of hearing protection products designed for first responders and safety officers. This line of hearing protection spans the range from low-cost, effective passive hearing protection to full active hearing protection.

The FiRes HP are low-cost, low-profile, portable passive hearing protection that combines high-fidelity sound transmission and blast-blocking technology. FiRes HP's unique patent-pending combination of passive elements is designed as a complete acoustic system to achieve a flat-frequency response, resulting in reduced sound level and undistorted hearing for maintaining situational awareness.

"We found in our studies that first responders weren't wearing their hearing protection because they interfered with communication," said Jennifer Jerding, one of the lead engineers on the SenseDefense™ development team. "When first responders don't wear hearing protection, they have maximum situational awareness, but are at the greatest risk for potential hearing damage. However, if hearing protection is maximized, first responders will likely lose the critical situational awareness needed to react and perform their jobs properly. The FiRes HP is ARA's solution to this problem, and strikes the balance between maximum hearing protection and maximum situational awareness. We are proud to provide a product that helps meet first responder needs on several levels."

The FiRes HP were recently evaluated by an independent accredited laboratory and received a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 15 decibels. The NRR indicates the level of effectiveness in sound reduction, ranging from 0-30 where a higher number indicates higher level of noise attenuation. The FiRes HP rating of 15 lies at the middle of this range, demonstrating its balance of protection and situational awareness.

Jerding and fellow ARA scientist Dr. Ted Argo will introduce the SenseDefense™ line of hearing protectors for first responders at the 2015 International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) conference (Booth #615). The five-day training and education event includes topics across the emergency management and homeland security spectrum and showcases the industry's best technologies, products and services. Conference visitors may sign up for a free sample at the conference or by visiting the company web site at

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Jennifer Jerding, Mechanical Engineer, 303.795.8106,
Dr. Ted Argo IV, Acoustic Scientist, 303.795.8106,
Ellen Gallegos, ARA Marketing Director 505.881.8074

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CONTACT: Jennifer Jerding, Mechanical Engineer, 303.795.8106, Dr. Ted Argo IV, Acoustic Scientist, 303.795.8106, Ellen Gallegos, ARA Marketing Director 505.881.8074

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