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Snapchat video views surge to 6 billion

Snapchat gains ground in digital video race

The digital video arms race between Snapchat and Facebook is getting tighter.

Last week, Facebook announced video views on the social media site had jumped to 8 billion in the third quarter, doubling its figure from April. On Sunday, the Financial Times reported that video views on rival social network Snapchat had tripled to 6 billion since May, or 2 billion shy of Facebook's video traffic.

Snapchat is mobile only, while Facebook has desktop and mobile access.

Both platforms have a way to go to catch up Google's YouTube.

With more than a billion users, YouTube generates "billions of views" every day, according to the company.

Online video has become a huge draw for advertising dollars, and social media networks such as Facebook and Snapchat are looking to increase scale in video traffic. Each social network measures video views by different metrics, however.

Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat did not immediately return CNBC's request for comment.

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