Apple Music beta launches on Android

Source: Apple

Apple Music introduced a beta version for archrival Android users on Tuesday, according to an app update in Google Play.

Apple's service streams songs over Internet connections. Like competitors Pandora and Spotify, it includes curated playlists and stations inspired by particular artists and moods. It also connects with users' existing collection of iTunes music and can be controlled with Siri on iPhones.

The newly released Android app, for version 4.3 and up, does not yet include music videos, and family membership sign-ups still require a Mac or Apple's operating system, iOS, as the sign-up process gets optimized for Android, the post said.

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The $9.99 service initially launched for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and PC on June 30, gaining 11 million users in the first five weeks of free trials, according to Apple. It has since lost millions of subscribers by some estimates, though CEO Tim Cook has said he's happy with the progress of the service.

Android users will also benefit from a free three-month trial, the post on Google Play said.

Google's Android fiercely competes with Apple's flagship product, mobile phones. But Apple has expanded to work with several other competitors, like Adobe and Microsoft, in the past year to ramp up offerings for enterprise customers.

Apple did not immediately respond to CNBC's request for comment. Shares of Apple traded down more than 3 percent Tuesday afternoon after Credit Suisse lowered estimates of orders for some of Apples' suppliers.