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Trading TV 'cord-cutting': 3 stocks to watch

Cord-cutting opportunities: 4 trades on this trend

Liberty Media's John Malone on Thursday downplayed the risks of "cord-cutting" in the television industry. But "Fast Money" traders believe the consumer shift to on-demand and streaming platforms poses a bigger challenge than he described.

Some traders contended Walt Disney looks expensive in the current TV environment. Earlier this year, Disney CEO Bob Iger sent concerns through the industry when he warned about growth at some of the company's cable properties.

"Disney is a 'sell' up here" after rising more than 20 percent this year, said trader Brian Kelly. Trader Karen Finerman, who called Disney a "great company," added that she would stay away from the stock because of its valuation.

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If consumers continue to turn away from traditional cable, "Netflix is the place to be," contended trader David Seaburg. Still, the meteoric rise of its shares—which have climbed 123 percent this year—has scared some investors away.

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Trader Dan Nathan contended Time Warner—which holds popular series produced by HBO—is a better play on content than Netflix, especially because of its valuation. The stock has fallen nearly 18 percent this year.


Dan Nathan

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David Seaburg

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Brian Kelly

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Karen Finerman

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