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Meet the biggest landowners in the US

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The annual edition of the Land Report 100, listing the individuals and families who own the most real estate in the U.S., is out. The top 10 includes lumber legacies, ranchers and entrepreneurs who own sprawling parcels of forests, prairies and vineyards.

This year's list also features landowners who added significantly to their portfolios, like the Emmerson family at number three. Others that climbed up but did not crack the top 10 include the fraternal frackers, the Wilks brothers (up 152,500 acres) at No. 15, and at 17 the phosphate mining/farming/ranching Simplot Family (up 21,091 acres).

Who's the biggest of them all? Click ahead to find out.

—By Colleen Kane, special to
Posted 12 Nov. 2015

Wolfgang Kaehler | LightRocket | Getty Images