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Poker king on fantasy: Definitely games of skill

WSOP Main Event Champ McKeehen on the win

Barely 36 hours after winning a life-changing amount of money, ($7.7M), 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event winner Joe McKeehen appeared on CNBC's "Power Lunch."

McKeehen said he had made a "couple" deals with investors, backers, or other players, meaning he owed them some of the prize money. And though he was tight-lipped about exactly how much he did say, "I keep a pretty large amount" of the $7.7M.

McKeehen was more open when asked about the luck and skill aspects of poker. He famously got very lucky in a hand on Day 6 of the Main Event against eventual runner-up Josh Beckley. McKeehen was all-in and behind, and needed a 10 on the river to survive. That's exactly what he got, and it propelled him to the victory. So how much of poker is luck?

"There's definitely a lot of luck in the game, but the people that win consistently are generally going to be the more skilled players." McKeehen said. "It's about the short-term versus the long-term. And in the short-term having a lot of luck is great, but in the long-term you can't rely on having great luck so you have to be a pretty skilled player in order to continue to make money and succeed."

And what about daily fantasy sports?

"They are definitely games of skill. I know a lot of the people that constantly win on daily fantasy sports because they're spending countless hours on it. So I don't think it's gambling very much, but again there's definitely a little bit of short-term luck involved."