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You can now 3D print your unborn baby

3D print your unborn baby

Anything can be 3D printed nowadays, including your unborn baby.

An Estonian start-up is offering a service to 3D print your unborn baby for 200 euro ($214) based on a 3D ultrasound.

Customers receive the print to their door when they order. Timmu Toke, CEO of Wolfprint 3D, said the idea came after a friend wanted her unborn baby 3D printed but there were no services around.

Wolfprint 3D

While Toke admitted people get "creeped out", he said there is a market there for women wanting to bond with their unborn child.

"People are very excited about it. If we talk to a person on the street, they are probably creeped out about it. But if we talk to a pregnant person, then they get it and they love it," Toke told CNBC at the Slush technology conference in Helsinki, Finland.

The founder said that he is tapping into a trend of "bonding scans" - experiences at boutique clinics where women can get 4D scans of their unborn child done. Wolfprint 3D has partnered with 47 hospitals and clinics to offer its service across a number of countries including the U.K., Spain, Denmark and Norway.

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Typically women get the 3D prints between 24 and 34 weeks of pregnancy.

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