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France reacts to 'war' in Paris: Horror and shock


France awoke in shock on Saturday, still in disbelief after a night of gun and bomb attacks that left over 120 people dead.

The suspected terror attack, one of the worst on civilians in European history and the worst since the bombings at Madrid's Atocha station which killed 191, has shaken the nation to the core.

People hug on the street near the Bataclan concert hall following fatal attacks in Paris, France, November 14, 2015. Gunmen and bombers attacked busy restaurants, bars and a concert hall at locations around Paris on Friday evening, killing dozens of people in what a shaken French President described as an unprecedented terrorist attack.
Christian Hartmann | Reuters

"Carnage in Paris," read the front page of France's left-leaning Liberation newspaper on Saturday, while its online edition headlined "The world awakes in shock after the attacks in Paris."

Meanwhile, Le Monde newspaper spoke of France's "nightmare night" and right-leaning Le Figaro's online edition showed grainy footage of casualties and paper edition described it as "war" in Paris.

La Voix du Nord, a regional newspaper in northern France, simply headlined "The horror in Paris", while Paris' Le Parisien said: "This time it's war".

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